What Is Bilira? (TRYB) Complete Guide Review About Bilira.

What Is Bilira? (TRYB) Complete Guide Review About Bilira.

What Is Bilira?

BiLira Coin aims to bridge the gap between web 2.0 (monetized by fiat) and web 3.0 (fueled by crypto assets), to offer a convenient on-ramp and off-ramp solution for crypto traders to combat high volatility and to support the future applications of decentralized finance.

BiLira Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name BiLira Coin
Short NameTRYB
Circulating Supply 239,108,455.00 TRYB
Total Supply239,108,455
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A cryptocurrency that is not affected by sudden price movements and its value is equal to Turkish Lira.


A BiLira digital asset in which only you are in control. Read more about digital wallet


Future finance providing a digital, transparent and secure infrastructure.

Cryptocurrency Buy-Sell

You can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and more than 100 cryptocurrencies from the exchanges where TRYB is listed.

Create Account

Open an account in a few minutes and get TRYB immediately.

Verify Your Identity

Perform first-level authentication instantly.


BiLira Coin Buy TRYB on the BiLira platform.


Make a TRYB sell transaction and transfer your money to your bank account.

Discover DeFi

Join the world of decentralized finance.

TRYBA Selling Rules

  1. You can only request withdrawals to current TL accounts opened in your name. A transfer to a different person cannot be requested.
  2. The minimum TRYB selling amount is 250 TL.
  3. You must have completed your deposit within 24 hours after the TRYB sell request is created. All transactions not completed within this period will be canceled by the system.

TRYBA Purchase Rules

  1. The name/surname used to register on the BiLira Platform and the bank account information to which TL will be sent must be the same. Submissions made from accounts belonging to a different person will be returned after deducting the transaction fee.
  2. TL transfers made using ATMs for security purposes are not accepted.
  3. The minimum TRYB purchase amount is 100 TL.
  4. If you do not write the 6-digit code specified for you in the explanation field during TL transfer, the transfer fee will be deducted and it will be refunded.
  5. You must have completed your deposit within 24 hours after the TRYB purchase request is created. All transactions not completed within this period will be canceled by the system.

They are Building the Finance of the Future!

BiLira as BiLira, a stable cryptocurrency company indexed to Turkish Lira, they aim to democratize finance, make it accessible to everyone and create a decentralized, free and transparent world. They have taken it upon ourselves to prepare Turkey and the Turkish people for the upcoming financial revolution and to create the finances of the future.

Discover Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

You can transfer your purchased TRYBs to digital wallets that are only under your control, such as Ethereum-based Metamask, Argent, Dharma or Avalanche Wallet, and explore the decentralized-free financial system DeFi.

All together

Using the BiLira platform, you can trade TRYB, transfer cryptocurrencies by connecting your wallet to the platform, perform clearing transactions from decentralized exchanges at the best rates, discover decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, and follow the prices of parities on exchanges where TRYB is listed.

Digital Wallet Providers

The BiLira Coin easiest way to open a wallet is through a web browser or mobile digital wallet providers. Each wallet is under the control of its owner only. Wallet providers do not keep your keys, money or information. This means they cannot access accounts, recover keys, reset passwords, or reverse transactions. The only way to get your wallet back is to manually or digitally back up your recovery words or private key.

They can not save your information If you lose your information, it’s gone forever. Once you have your keys and set a password, theyhighly recommend that you: Type in your keys and password. Keep them safe. Do not store your keys and password on your computer or phone.

TRYB on Different Blockchains

As BiLira, they have always aimed to give importance to transparency and to enable our users to follow the information presented publicly. With this page they have created, we have taken our transparency vision one step further, enabling the monitoring of smart contract pages in all blockchains where TRYB is located, the monitoring of the amount of TRYB in circulation and the instantaneous monitoring of the transfers made in a completely transparent manner.