Bibox Ico Review

Bibox Ico Review – AI enhanced encrypted digital asset exchange

About Bibox

Bibox is a leading high-quality digital asset exchange platform. It has innovatively stabilized transactions and simplified operations by introducing for the first time, AI technology to digital asset exchange, and is thus recognized as the first artificial intelligence platform for digital asset exchange.Since its launch in mid-November 2017, has been widely praised by experts and users for its fair, transparent, safe and stable features. Currently, they have built operating centers in the U.S., Canada, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Estonia, and more countries and regions to better serve its users.

Bibox Key Information

Token NameBibox
Soft cap——-
Hard cap150,000 ETH
Distributed in ICO55%
Tokens for sale——-
Token SymbolBIX
Token TypeERC20
Price in ICO0.1687 USD
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

The Game Change Team Behind Bibox

Bibox Ico Review - AI enhanced encrypted digital asset exchange

Protection of Personal Data

Bibox adopt appropriate physical, electronic, management and technical measures so as to protect and safeguard the security of your Personal Data. They will, to the greatest extent possible, ensure that any Personal Data collected through your Website shall be free from being subject to nuisance by any third party unrelated to. Electronic measures: The computer data that contain your Personal Data will be stored in computer systems and storage medias that are subject to strict login restrictions.

Despite of the above-mentioned technical and security measures, they cannot guarantee that the information transmitted via the Internet is absolutely safe, so they cannot absolutely guarantee that the Personal Data that you provide to through your Website will be safe at any time. They will not be held liable for any loss or damage arising from or caused by any event that may occur in connection with unauthorized access to your Personal Data, and shall not be held liable for compensation for such loss or damage.

Modification to the Privacy Policy

Bibox reserve the right to amend the Privacy Policy from time to time and at any time. They will inform you of the modifications made to the Privacy Policy by updating and publishing the effective date of the release of new versions hereof and highlighting the amendments. Sometimes, Bibox may issue a notice to inform you of the modification made in the Privacy Policy, which, however, is not an obligation for.

You shall regularly review the Privacy Policy and focus on its modifications, and if you do not agree to such modifications, you shall immediately stop accessing this Website. When an updated version of this Privacy Policy is released, your continued visit to this Website shall indicate and show that you agree to the update and agree to comply with the updated Privacy Policy.

Communication with Bibox

If you have any requests and comments, you can send an email to, which is the only valid and official email through which Bibox communicate with you, so they will not bear any liability for your failure to using effective contact information, any act or omission. A company only publish announcements and information on the basis of the valid and effective contact information on this Website or post announcements on this Website; therefore, they shall not be held liable for any loss arising from your trust in the information that has not been obtained through the above-mentioned means.

Purposes of the Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy stipulates the types of information of yours (“Personal Data”) that may collect through your log into this Website, your registration with this Website, and/or use the Services offer, as well as how they shall use and protect the information so collected. To ensure that you have full confidence in Bibox handling of Personal Data, you are advised to read and understand the terms of this Privacy Policy in detail. In particular, upon your log into Website, regardless of whether you register with this Website, you shall be deemed to accept, agree, undertake and confirm.