What Is Bholdus(BHO)? Complete Guide Review About Bholdus.

What Is Bholdus(BHO)?

Bholdus Chain is a blockchain dedicated to decentralized financial (DeFi) applications and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). A company chain not only offers unprecedented high transaction throughput, reduced risk of errors but also provides intelligent feature creation explicitly for the fulfillment of financial services for both fungible token and non-fungible token (NFT) by exploiting the unique features of the blockchain. BHoldus provides a seamless user interface that allows anyone to deposit their digital assets to earn yields.

Through the Bholdus staking algorithm, investors will have the privilege and priority in capturing attractive yields and participate in the BHoldus ecosystem, which interconnects with other blockchain networks in the market such as Binance, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polkadot, amongst others. The digital asset BHO (BHoldus) represents its owner’s voting rights over economic factors such as inflation and deflation levels. A blockchain network protocol named Black Hole will determine the voting rights of BHO token owners based on different metrics.

Bholdus Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBholdus
Short NameBHO
Circulating SupplyN\A
Total Supply10,000,000,000
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How NFTs work on BHoldus network

Bholdus uses NFTs to represent real-world assets and evidence for creditworthiness, such as audited financial statements, invoices, or audited mortgages. Issuing NFTs to represent these assets and information helps open doors for individuals and businesses to access new financing channels on DeFi space.

BHoldus Chain & Its Smart contract

Bholdus allows on-chain borrowing against various collateralized assets managed by trust-less smart contracts. BHoldus will gradually become a fully decentralized financial exchange protocol interoperable with multiple blockchain networks in the market. Smart contracts will help

  • Maintain identities in a similar format to the BNB or DOT standard,
  • Anchor state commitments
  • Minting NFTs from off-chain BHoldus documents

The intrinsic value of the BHO token

Bholdus token (BHO) incentivizes desired behaviors on the BHoldus interoperable blockchain network. Owning BHO tokens provides users a stake in the BHoldus network. Participants use BHO to pay for transaction fees, stake as validators, and participate in BHoldus chain governance. In addition, the BHO token helps ensure chain security by rewarding BHO holders in the Parachain loan offering and by distributing a block reward to Validators and Nominators. As the ecosystem of BHoldus token owners grows, the BHO token will capture the increasing value provided to token owners via each of its utilities.

General Foundation and Expertise Councils

The overall Bholdus network governance operates via a general foundation and expertise councils. Expertise councils would govern specific areas of the network. For example, the Financial Council would handle the financial and compliance management of the network, and the BHoldus Council would oversee the BHoldus protocol. The BHoldus Council or public BHO token owners can raise requests.

In a decentralized way, the community will make decisions to approve or reject them through a predetermined process and framework. Any network update would be under the governance of the general foundation. BHO token holders are eligible to govern BHoldus core technologies requests through the Bholdus council. The general foundation would have oversight of the BHoldus council to ensure the efficiency and productivity of the BHoldus blockchain network.

Tokenizing and financing a real-world asset or a digital asset

The Asset Originator can utilize digital asset funding provided by Defi investors. To facilitate this, the user locks an NFT representing a “Real World Asset” into a set of smart contracts as collateral. The NFT is minted based on audited documents created and shared via the BHO Bholdus blockchain network. Auditing providers will determine the structure of these financing offers through an on-chain “Pricing Oracles.” Upon repayment, the NFT is unlocked and transferred back into the Asset Originator’s wallet.


Staking is a process of locking users’ funds for specific purposes. At Bholdus, coins currently support staking for governance of the network such as nominating or becoming validators.
Basically, an account in a blockchain network comprises a private key and a public key derived from the private key, or shorthand, a key pair (keys).


What Is Bholdus(BHO)? Complete Guide Review About Bholdus.
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