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What Is BH Network (BHAT)? Complete Guide Review About BH Network.

What Is BH Network (BHAT)?

Nothing in this document or any other publication of BH Network constitutes any form of investment advice or recommendation by, and should not be regarded as an offer, solicitation, invitation, or recommendation to buy or sell any tokens. Network is publishing this paper solely to receive feedback and comments on your project plans from the public. Nothing you read in any publication from Network is a guarantee or promise of direction or goals of either the token or the development of the utility. The token value may rise or fall; you should not purchase tokens if you cannot lose the entire monies staked.

While the token utilities set out in your publications are the intention at the time of publication, BH Network reserve the right to make changes as deem necessary per market and industry-based factors. A base all statements regarding the future of Network on your analysis at the time of writing. Network has no connection, correlation, or commitment to any other business, trading name, or otherwise to any similar name. They are not providing recommendations or advice about buying or holding your token; it is not a “stablecoin,” and the markets are volatile.

BH Network Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBH Network
Short NameBHAT
Circulating Supply62,500,000.00 BHAT
Total Supply500,000,000
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The first coin made was over 5,000 years ago. However, the invention and distribution of the internet have increased evolution faster than ever and quicker than many realize. They must adapt to that change, too. The world of money is one aspect of change that is simply not keeping up with the demand. BH Network While change is happening, the evolution of money is slower than many people need, especially in the current climate. Fiat currencies finally took a step towards the new era in 1994, nine years after the invention of the internet, but it was not a user-friendly format.

The development of E-money saw prepaid online accounts and cards in the year 2000, which was a step in the right direction. BH Network However, there has not been much change since then. Regulations like the Money Laundering Directive, while great for their purpose, are behind the times of reality. The internet has moved more towards repayments for e-services, and that is where electronic payments have ended their progress and failed internet workers.

BH Network The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the online payment system beyond anything ever seen before. A growth of over 60% of online payments has changed how the general consumer uses the internet. Still, everyone from freelancers and small business owners to corporate companies and everyone in-between has had to adapt to the change, pushing people to work from home.

Problem Description

Regulations facing the financial sector are monumental. While directives such as the Money Laundering Directive and E-Money Directive are remarkable for their purpose, they pose a problem to all freelancers, current, and future. BH Network The inability to control electronically sent products and services leads almost all payment processors to deem them as threats. Therefore, they scrutinize every transaction with a fine-toothed comb. Furthermore, even if you convince them that your service is a genuine product, you have an average buyer transaction fee of over 2.5%, leading you to pay $50+ on a $1,000 product.

The seller has a further average cost of around 20%. Not to mention the extra fees for withdrawal of that earned money and the charges that the marketplace put on, too. No matter who you are or what business model you use, you can end up losing almost 40% of your total income in fees. The situation that everyone making a living on the internet faces is bleak and challenging. The rapid expansion of online businesses coupled with the difficulty of the financial sector’s ability to keep up has led to some significant changes.

The Solution – A Decentralized Marketplace With A Footprint in Blockchain

As your team comprises freelancers worldwide, they understand the requirement for excellent service, and BH Network will provide it. Your end goal is a fair Marketplace where all freelancers, agencies, and corporate companies can buy and sell electronic goods with minimal fees, fewer restrictions, a single and ever-evolving environment matching your requirements. The Network uses the Elrond Network Blockchain, allowing for seamless, low latency transactions gaining confirmation in less than a few seconds.

BH Network The technology they are building and the existing technology available to allows to reduce the number of scammed buyers or sellers exponentially. Blockchain technology will never allow for charge backs, and your escrow system will ensure total satisfaction from both parties.

Decentralized Application (dApp) Core – Built on the Elrond Blockchain

Building the BH Network dApp on the Elrond blockchain provides the Network massive, pre-audited security. All user logins will go through blockchain wallets, and the platform will never collect credentials, unlike traditional platforms where the user must enter usernames and passwords. Furthermore, all write transactions will require an app signature for additional security. That allows for maximum protection from day one, with no possible zero-day exploit issues as Elrond is already a secure, established technology.

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