What Is Beyond Protocol (BP)?

What Is Beyond Protocol (BP)? Complete Guide Review About Beyond Protocol.

What Is Beyond Protocol (BP)?

Beyond Protocol develops a secure protocol with blockchain trust and security, providing industrial grade identity, a trusted data source, and secure machine-to-machine transactions. Not only is the environment changing with music, the audience (users and NPCs) are also touched by this transformational energy which manifests itself in the form of changing appearance characteristics like, for example, the color of the avatar’s clothing or their glow.

PRISM expands the horizon for real-world artists, giving them the opportunity to engage with their audiences in a fully virtual yet deeply immersive environment. Real world are digitized through state-of-the-art motion capture technology to create photorealistic virtual representations. Stars use these avatars to perform on PRISM in pre-recorded or live shows. Some 30 concerts are already slated for the next three years, reaching a combined audience of over 500 million fans finally free from any physical limitations to enjoy the performances of their favorite artists with maximum immersion, regardless of their location.

Beyond Protocol Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBeyond Protocol
Short NameBP
Circulating Supply106,306,944.00 BP
Total Supply500,000,000
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The Fabric of the New World.

When distributed ledger architecture is applied to the Internet of Things, the rules change, creating the fabric of the new world. This revolutionary approach leverages innovative blockchain technology and the hardware signature from your devices to validate transactions and communications, rendering your devices probabilistically impossible to hack. By creating this platform independent from interference and secure from nefarious actors we seek to put ethics back into technology for beyond tomorrow.

The Ethical Language of Machines

The devices of the future, from the very small and near, to the very large and distant, will speak to each other in a new, ethical language free from corruption and exploitation. Those devices, will enable a better society for all. One with more empathy, truth, authenticity and purpose. It’s time to evolve, and the confidence and security that your technology instills will make all stronger together. With AI woven into the digital fabric of PRISM, this premier destination for world-class artists is also the launching pad for the world’s first virtual avatar DJs producing only AI-generated music.

Beyond Protocol These diverse series of virtual artists base their unique identities and musical tastes on sophisticated AI technology, including genetic algorithms that allow them to absorb data from their interactions with PRISM’s environment to drive knowledge and generate original music. From hip-hop and EDM to K-pop and indie-rock, AI-powered DJs can perfectly handle over 60 genres of music as a balanced mix of human and AI-generated art.

The App Store of the Future

The app store brought us apps which change the way Beyond Protocol commute and buy groceries. Beyond Protocol’s mega app store will create a new industry, and revolutionize the way they use your technology, enabling your devices to collaborate with each other and creating an infinite number of use cases. The most creative among can weave together beautiful applications they can’t at this moment even conceive – the possibilities are endless.

Nurturing an existence of inward exploration and self-awareness, MOTION is the world within Sensorium Galaxy which allows the unlocking of new existential dimensions. Here, users will find the opportunity to attend deep relaxation workshops, enter guided meditation and mindfulness sessions, self-development coaching, and sign-up for training and conferences hosted by world-renowned spiritual figures.

Embedded in MOTION is a peaceful underwater landscape, inspiring users to engage in a path of self-actualization and help them achieve higher levels of wisdom. By choosing the direction of movements, users can find themselves in different locations, in which they are given the opportunity to enter more conscious and harmonious states through self-expression and self-discovery.

Blockchain Hardware Wallet

The Beyond Protocol Wallet enables autonomous blockchain transactions for the next generation of mobility solutions and beyond, through secure and simple wireless identity, authentication, and payments. Turn on the new, secure form of wireless machine-to-machine communication. The future starts here.

As artists deliver their shows, PRISM is able to organically adapt to beats and sounds being played; users can challenge their own senses by being a part of an ever-evolving environment through the constant changing in lighting, colors and shapes of PRISM. It’s a fully immersive journey where the beauty of sound and movement takes centre stage. extends across several levels of interaction.