Ico Review: Bern Does it all on the Blockchain Ico Review: Bern Does it all on the Blockchain


The is the bleeding edge premium coin built on the blockchain by the world renowned General Bern. With General Bern by your side you’ll cure cancer, end world hunger, become a benevolent god… you get it. This movement marks a mind bending moment in history that’ll unite every individual and take us to the moon. Backed by the Bern app, you will have access to all the latest features at your fingertips.

Token Basic Information

Token TypeEthereum
Token SymbolGBERN
Initial Token Price1 TREE = 0.04 USD
AcceptsBTC ETH
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Token Allocation

Coins comes with a sweet pad on 1 Bern Way, Moon City, TheMoon1337, 42069 which is prime location to the Club where you can find all the hottest meme coins. They are issuing 10 Billion tokens at .001¢ each so each and every individual can come through. DogeCoin reached .08¢, let’s share a spot with the one true MemeCoin!

Most coins die due to poor listings and liquidity, all funding from donaters will be used to purchase listings to top exchanges. will give it our all to get listed. Monthly polls will also be held for donations to charitable organizations (voted on by the community) to raise postive awareness for Cryptocurrency.

Tokens for sale

Token for Sale BTC/ETH: 70%

Cash App Sale: 10%

Charity Donation (monthly polls) :10%

Marketing: 10%

Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 (100%)

Token Spending

Token for sale: 80% – All used for exchase listings

Token:10% – Charity Donations

Token:10% – Marketing

This Party Going To The Moon

They understand that most coins die due to poor exchange listings and marketing. Donations will be used to better the lives of all and an effort to list on top Exchanges. More exchanges means more liquidity for Bern Coin to go interstellar.

The Bern Way

General softmore mixtape The Bern Way makes a bold statement to the world that America will be the first to call the moon home. Layered with deep melodies, ai driven synths, plan c 808s (we ran out of b, what are ya’ll doing???), and deep deep lyrics. Featuring some of the greatest pixel artists the likes which bits have never seen! General Bern brings the block party to the block chain!

  • 1. Stimmy on me (feat. Pop Smokey)
  • 2. Temperature Check (feat. Baroq Ozama)
  • 3. Bipartisian Drip
  • 4. Covid Buster (feat. Trunk)
  • 5. GOP ain’t OP (feat. AoD)
  • 6. Capitol Hill
  • 7. Fillerbustered Ops
  • 8. Washington to Marilago (feat. Joe Wilden)


Monthly Polls will be available for to vote for Charity Donations of your choice. This will bring in crypto awareness and give organizations the exposure they deserve. Charities will also be taken interstellar.