What Is Bepro Network (BEPRO)?

What Is Bepro Network (BEPRO)? Complete Guide Review About Bepro Network.

What Is Bepro Network (BEPRO)?

Bepro Network goal with is to create an ecosystem of tools and resources for developers and companies that want to build decentralized applications, in a fast and secure way. A open-source Javascript framework, to speed up building blockchain-related capabilities without having to learn any smart contract-specific language. A growing network of solidity developers for more custom and personalized needs. The network is a self-managed protocol, managed by the BEPRO token, a utility ERC20 token that enables token holders to manage disputes in the Network, and earn token rewards by providing value.

Here you will find everything you need to get started with bepro-js, and to be a part of your thriving and growing developers’ community.Use the sidebar to navigate through all the content, and feel free to reach out to with comments and feedback too. At this moment & until the main net release BEPRO (as the project) is the main developer of the bepro.network operators (in this hybrid alpha version) collecting most of the network development fees/bounties.

Bepro Network Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBepro Network
Short NameBEPRO
Circulating Supply6.76B BEPRO
Total Supply10,000,000,000
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More than a standard open-source library

Bepro Network is a curated framework so that you can automate creation and unit testing, java script wrappers, and extended integration just by writing solidity – a tool built with @Truffle (integrates compiling in solc together in your Smart Contracts) & @OpenZeppelin (provides trustable, audited & tested Smart Contracts) already integrated, solving a very simple problem velocity in solidity development. You can add Blockchain-related capabilities to your software in a faster way, and avoid all the repetitive tasks associated with Smart Contracts Development.

Javascript SDK

Javascript is one of the most used programming languages in the world, especially for web apps and front-end purposes. You don’t need to add additional languages to your stack, in order to build decentralized Web3 applications. Increase the speed of development, testing, and deployment of Smart Contracts; BEPRO has a very strong and engaged community that you can become a part of too. Bepro Network have a beloved brand that you can use to work on interesting and challenging projects aligned with your interests and goals.

Start building

After installation is complete, you can start building right away. You can access your detailed documentation here, and your GitHub repository here.Below you can find a brief explanation about the main bepro-js templates to get you started too. Bepro-js is available as an npm package. You can install it easily with the following command if you want to use the code available via the bepro-js/master. If you already have Docker installed, this script can cause trouble if you installed the current Docker package using this script and are using it again to update Docker. You can also use the official installation instructions: Mac, Windows, Ubuntu, Other.

Create an ERC-20 Token

Bepro Network A very simple project to launch/access your own ERC20 Contract Address, login with meta mask & connect with solidity methods available. You can give the opportunity to anyone to acquire digital assets that are unique, rare, and indivisible. By using a blockchain that underpins NFTs you’re giving users ownership, provable scarcity, interoperability, and immutability. BEPRO Network’s NFT Factory code base to create NFT video collectibles for the most exciting moments in football history (Soccer, if you are from America), the world’s most popular sport.

How to Contribute

Contributions are welcome, but Bepro Network ask new contributors to read existing code guidelines, specially the code format. Please review Contributor guidelines. Now the creator of the bounty has to verify if the PR fulfills the goals of the bounty. After verifying it goes into the distribution stage, here Curators & Council will determine the % of the bounty going to each developer. Follow the process in Discord & receive your bounty payment.