What Is Basidcoin? (BASID) Complete Guide Review About Basidcoin

What Is Basidcoin? (BASID) Complete Guide Review About Basidcoin

What Is Basidcoin?

Basidcoin provides a cryptocurrency payment solution for digital applications and decentralized apps (DApps). It is designed for applications that offer services such as food delivery, transportation booking, accommodation renting, travel booking, and online shopping. App developers that integrate the BASID API to their platforms can enjoy easy online payments with lesser transaction costs, and with no hidden charges. Discover the power of blockchain technology for fast peer-to-peer payments with BASID. BASID will introduce a payment gateway that will be its main feature. Subsequently, it has developed a website plugin, the account portal, and the Merchant’s Wallet.

Basidcoin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name Basidcoin
Short NameBASID
Circulating Supply760,578,185.84 BASID
Total Supply10,000,000,000
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BASID Easy Crypto Payment Integration

Basidcoin Coin aims to drive crypto payment at the forefront of online payments. They introduce a payment gateway service that provides a secure, convenient, and reliable cryptocurrency payment solution for merchants and customers worldwide.

BASID Mission

Facilitate a Way for Crypto Payments

BASID will provide a cryptocurrency payment gateway that is easy for developers to integrate on mobile applications and e-commerce websites.

Provide Blockchain in the Digital Economy

Basidcoin encourages digital businesses to take advantage of blockchain technology to allow secure and encrypted payment transactions.

Expand the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

By tapping into the mobile apps market, new platforms will be introduced for consumers who want to spend their cryptocurrencies.

Offer Technology

Basidcoin Coin cutting-edge technology and payment-centered products are designed for innovation, security, accessibility, and usability. BASID clients and users can make use of cryptocurrencies for business transactions, specifically e-commerce. As they aim to facilitate crypto payments without any hassle, they intend to be the finest and cheapest crypto payment gateway in the market.

Easy Payment Gateway (API)

The BASID Payment Gateway is a service that allows digital businesses to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. The API is open-source and offers developers with minimal knowledge of blockchain a simple integration process of this payment system.

Secure Merchant Wallet

The Merchant Wallet serves as the secure storage for all crypto payment transactions made via BASID. Complementary to the API, merchants can receive and store crypto payments here from their application or website. It can also work as a stand-alone wallet.

Free Website Plugin

The Basidcoin Website Plugin is an open-source extension of the API. This unique plugin can work harmoniously with e-commerce development platforms. Developers can leverage BASID plugin to easily integrate crypto payments on their website’s checkout page.

User-Friendly Account Portal

They provides a back-end gateway for merchants to operate and maintain their crypto assets and monitor their transactions. The portal’s primary objective is to present all the orders and the accumulated cryptocurrency value stored on the Merchant Wallet.

Valuable BASID Tokens

Basidcoin Coin is an ERC20 token. It is the native token of the BASID platform, with 10 billion in total supply. These tokens can be utilized as payment for online purchases, payment for transaction fees, and tokenized rewards within the platform. Moreover, BASID holders can use it for crypto trading.


As BASID provides an innovative payment gateway for merchants and users, the fore see better online payments based on blockchain implementation and consistent results.

Powerful Fintech Solutions Provider

Basidcoin will be known in the cryptocurrency industry as a provider of superior fintech solutions.

Community of Businesses and Clients

Businesses and their customers will be connected to a global community with the help of technology.

Facilitator of Decentralized Payments

BASID will facilitate decentralized peer-to-peer payments for both fiat money and cryptocurrency.

Secure Platform for Fiat and Crypto

With the use of blockchain technology, BASID ensures immunity against hacks and double-spending.

Enabler of Seamless Transactions

Basidcoin Coin API enables seamless online transactions, ensuring fast processing of orders from customers.

Gateway for Crypto and Fiat Assets

With the BASID Payment Gateway, users can enjoy a wide array of fiat and cryptocurrencies to use.

The Ecosystem

The BASID ecosystem will cover all related processes that facilitate a smooth-flowing blockchain-based payment transaction operation. The ecosystem will function and interoperate to provide an efficiently working payment gateway service within digital business platforms