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What Is Bankroll? (BNKR) Complete Guide Review About Bankroll.

What Is Bankroll?

Bankroll Coin is a social experiment on the TRON blockchain to implement a voluntary,
sustainable, and permission-less universal basic income. Through a network of social games
the platform provides daily dividends based on simple, permission-less, economic
incentives… that are fun to play and win!!!

The Bankroll Network of games offer well defined risk to players who enjoy earning stable
profit through a variety of custom dApps with game changing features not found anywhere
else on public blockchains. No house edge, no bad bets, just pure dividends that players can
access anytime, anywhere, using a mobile device or personal computer. The ultimate goal is
Universal Basic Income (UBI) via DeFi gaming on the fast, user friendly TRON blockchain.

The beauty of Bankroll is players win by participating versus trying to gamble against a
casino that will always win. Bankroll offers players incentive to mine without gambling. No
frustrations from losing streaks, no having to master gambling strategies , and the ability to
sleep well at night while earning stable dividends.

Bankroll Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBankroll Coin
Short NameBNKR
Circulating Supply
Total Supply3,018,257
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The Bankroll Network’s high dividend player vs. player credit pool game. The game is based
on 4-hour rounds where players purchase tickets to participate in the current round. At the
end of a round, the whale winner as well as a lucky random winner will each be rewarded a
portion of the jackpot prize as dividends. All players will continue to earn divs from instant
divs on buys and their daily drip from the div pool regardless of the round outcome.


Tickets are Bankroll Coin purchased to participate in the current round raffle’s jackpot (10 ticket strip minimum purchase). 1 Ticket = 1 TRX. They will expire at the end of each round
purchased, however players will continue to earn divs from tickets purchased in previous


Dividends paid out as TRX that can be claimed into Credits (for the Daily). They are pegged
1:1 with TRX. Divs can be left unclaimed to accumulate over time. They can also be rolled
or claimed.


Bankroll uses your current divs to purchase more tickets. Rolling will give you the ability to
participate in the current round’s raffle and also increase your div power.


Claims your current divs into Credits. Standard Credits transaction fees will be assessed
(10% in and out). In the process, you will mine BNKR tokens proportionate to the amount
of divs being claimed and the current mining difficulty. Your div power will also be reduced
by 5% each time that you claim; it is recommended that you use this feature sparingly.


Withdraws your total div balance directly into your wallet.


Rewards Bankroll Coin from referral commissions (1% of buy amount for referrer) and the buddy system. The amount listed is lumped together with your divs. Rewards will be reset to zero once
they have been rolled or withdrawn as divs.


20% of all ticket buys are distributed towards a jackpot prize pool. 90% of the jackpot is
paid out to the winners at the end of the round, the remaining 10% is carried over to the
next round. 2 winners will be selected at the end of each round. 1 whale jackpot winner
(player that purchased the highest amount of tickets during the round.

Given 60% of jackpot prize pool) Bankroll is selected as well as 1 lucky random winner (player that purchases any number of tickets during the round is eligible – given 40% of jackpot prize pool). A whale jackpot winner cannot also win the side jackpot in a round.


78% of all ticket buys are distributed towards a player dividend pool, 10% which is paid out
instantly to players. The remaining 68% of the pool will pay out 2% to all players on a daily
basis. The divs that you receive are paid out proportionately to your div power %.


Bankroll Coin has teamed up with Godex to make it easy for you to fund your TRX account by swapping from ETH. You can swap ETH for TRX, in both directions. Transactions may be subject to minimums, however, no KYC is required. Personal information is never shared with Bankroll.