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Baehost Web Hosting Review: Web Hosting Argentina, VPS, Servidor Virtual, Servidor Dedicado.

About Baehost

Place your Web site faster, easier and with the best technology of the market. Scalable plans with SSD and SSL Certificate for every need. IPv6 ready web hosting. For applications developed in .NET and classic asp platform Baehost have Web Hosting with Windows servers with SQL Server and all necessary for your project work features. Baehost a few simple steps, build a professional website without paying designer or maintenance costs. From professionally designed templates, develop the site of your dreams and attract clients in minutes. You can access using a POP3 / IMAP client such as Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird or others. Through the web, you can using your webmail via any computer without installing any software or performing configurations. Also, you can access from your smartphone.

Some Quick Facts Baehost Web Hosting

BaehostBasic Details
Hosting NameBaehost
Email SupportN/A
Call Support+54 (11) 6855-8800
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Baehost Price

More power, concurrence and high traffic?

Specialized web hosting for high demands for online stores and CMS greater processes, high concurrency and greater available memory. It is a service that allows you to put your website online, so that everyone can access it by Internet. It also includes email boxes with antivirus and antispam, FTP accounts to access content and SQL databases for use with the website, among other features. It is very fast between 5 and 180 minutes after completing the steps required to activate the service. Baehost provide the professional support you need to optimize your business. They have advanced technology, more than 1000 active servers and vast experience in the hosting market dating from 2002.

Control, performance and customization?

For demanding web sites Dedicated Web Hosting is the right way. The most commonly used Control panels are available to generate your hosting business. Choose the right Web Hosting platform is very important, and is not dependent on the computer you use or the development program. Baehost choice tells which platform will be published and run your website on the Internet, and only depend on whether your site needs to run .NET or ASP code, or if the database requires Microsoft SQL Server. In case this is not the case, the choice of Linux is appropriate. For example, if your website is pure HTML and / or PHP, you must choose PHP.

Dedicated Server Core

Get power and high performance dedicated servers with INTEL technology. SSD available taking it to the maximum speed of the market. A server (dedicated hardware) is installed for you and in case of any hardware failure the failed part or the entire server is replaced at no additional charge. Baehost IPMI technology allows to know the status of the server, take data from sensors, restart and access the console, among other functions. Cloud Firewall with antiDDOS protects and limits incoming connections.

It allows establishing security rules, filtering by protocols, IP address, source and / or destination ports. It also allows to limit the speed in each rule. This solution combines anti-DOS network protection together with a firewall that allows to control the connections before they enter the customer service, thus containing unwanted traffic. Baehost is a network edge level firewall service that filters incoming connections. Protects the addresses of the contracted services. A Cloud Firewall service is required for each location of the services (datacenter). From the client area the rules are established to allow, degenerate or limit the speed of the connections by filtering by protocol, IP and source port and IP and destination port.

SSD disk available

You can request Dedicated Servers with SSD that best suits your needs. Solid State Disks have higher access and data transfer speed. Free upgrade to 120GB solid state drive included in server price. It´s a service that lets you have your own physical server connected to the Internet. Baehost installed a server with the plan´s characteristic, and give you root access or administrator to it. Yes, you can offer Web Hosting and / or reselling the service. They offer dedicated panels installed for Control servers, ready to provide Web Hosting: cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, etc. From the client area, you can create rules to allow or deny incoming connections to the IP addresses of your services. Additionally, it allows to limit the connection speed.

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