Back To Earth Ico Review -Cryptocurrency to unlock in-game content

Back To Earth Ico Review

About Back To Earth

StarCredits are the cryptographic token for the Back To Earth narrative. This digital asset enhances the user experience no matter the method or depth of engagement. StarCredits have inherent value within the project and unlock clues, trigger events, verify elements of the story, and can be exchanged for other assets or commodities. A new technology has turned the human race into aggressive and brain dead animals. A few survivors must brave this new world in order to rediscover humanity and save themselves. Their story will lead you to apps, websites, social media pages, phone numbers, and physical locations that cause you to question reality and blur the lines between fact and fiction.

It’s an experience aimed at a mass audience, but that begins with the cryptocurrency community. An Alternate Reality Game (ARG) uses multimedia to tell an interactive story that unfolds in real time. In ARGs, players work to solve plot-based puzzles to uncover the mysteries the game presents. In Back To Earth, players who engage in the story can be presented with rewards and other content. The deeper they dig, the more they will find.

Back To Earth Key Information

Token NameBack To Earth
ICO start26th Apr 2017
ICO end28th Apr 2017
Price in ICO0.2654 USD
Average price0.05 USD
Sold tokens4,000,000
Token TypeERC-20
Token SymbolSTRC
Min. investment0.05 BTC
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

The Game Change Team Behind Back To Earth

Back To Earth Ico Review -Cryptocurrency to unlock in-game content

Interactive experience

When Everybody has a Chip Implanted in their Brain their every experience can be recorded and analyzed. But what if a flaw in the chip’s security allowed that data to be secretly accessed by anyone? Someone is doing just that — reaching into StarChips and extracting data, and they’ve stumbled onto something. A hidden history pointing to something terrible: StarChips are not safe. There are exploits that could alter life as Back To Earth know it. Someone is beginning to put the pieces together — and they’re inviting you to help. Can you uncover the story behind a global threat to humanity in time to stop it?

Short film

Caldwell Walters Doesn’t Know Why the whole world turned into killers. Back To Earth only knows that it has something to do with the chips in everybody’s neck — chips that were designed by his father, Jono. When he gets stuck in an apocalyptic wasteland filled with mindless “ragers,” Caldwell is the only one who can get his baby sister Anna to safety.

Graphic novel

Horizon, An Elite Military Contractor, has been hired by StarFate’s Director of Special Operations for a secret mission — to hunt down an illicit hacker collective called “Nirvana.” Nirvana has been attacking the StarChip network, attempting to bring StarFate to its knees. Back To Earth wipe them out, Horizon’s strike team has been equipped with experimental enhancements to their StarChips. But when Horizon and Nirvana clash, the combination unleashes something new, terrifying, and dangerous — something that will scramble alliances, changes loyalties, and make one soldier question everything they think they know.


They’re the bridge between your reality and the fictional world of Back to Earth. These digital tokens let you alter the interactive experience, receive exclusive content, and earn discounts on merchandise. Take control of your entertainment. StarCredits (STRC) can be used on Back To Earth content or transferred to third party exchanges and sold for other digital tokens. Collect StarCredits to gain access to exclusive content, or take your StarCredits elsewhere and join the rapidly growing digital token economy. The future is in your hands.

The Starchip Changed Everything

A tiny processor embedded in your neck, connecting your mind directly to the network. It can open up limitless frontiers, or usher in an age of apocalyptic destruction. This technological revolution can send Back To Earth to the farthest reaches of our imagination or bring us Back to Earth. Clay Space is a 21 year old entrepreneur and creator of Back to Earth. He is a blockchain innovator, award winning writer, and an actor who has appeared in Better Call Saul and The Night Shift.