What Is Babysaitama? (BABYSAITAMA) Complete Guide Review About Babysaitama.

What Is Babysaitama? (BABYSAITAMA) Complete Guide Review About Babysaitama.

What Is Babysaitama?

Babysaitama Coin is a Deflationary ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain that offers frictionless rewards to its holders. It can be traded on the Uniswap platform using TrustWallet or Metamask. Baby Saitama is a true community project and is unlike most projects that claim to be “community driven”. This project is inspired by the community. The ideas and initiatives are received by a talented and dedicated project development team for evaluation, analysis, presentation to the community for voting, and functional implementation. They work as a single
team with common goals. They are resilient, determined, and strong.

Babysaitama Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name Babysaitama Coin
Circulating Supply47,460,000.00B BABYSAITAMA
Total Supply100,000,000,000,000,000
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A whole line of Baby Saitama NFTS are now in our marketplace. They will use this to reward the holders in giveaways and other contests. These NFTs can be used in the upcoming Baby Saitama P2E game also. More NFTs will be added in the future. All funds from NFT sales will be used to buyback and burn Baby Saitama tokens.

How To Buy

Defi Purchase

The Babysaitama best way to purchase the $BABY SAITAMA Token is connecting a digital wallet to Uniswap, a popular decentralized trading platform where our liquidity is locked. If you are new to crypto or to Uniswap, follow the step-by-step instructions below and connect your wallet directly through the website for simple ease of use. As the community grows, people acting in bad faith might create scam copies to deceive you into buying the wrong token. Please make sure you copy and paste the correct contract below when adding the token to your ETH wallet and when purchasing $BABY SAITAMA on Uniswap.

Uniswap Step-By-Step

Create a Wallet and Buy ETH

Register an ETH account on Trust Wallet, MetaMask or Coinbase. You can add an existing wallet if you prefer. You will need ETH to buy $BABY SAITAMA on Uniswap. Start by buying some ETH from exchanges (like Binance or Coinbase) or from third-party providers in your wallet. Once purchased, transfer the ETH to your Wallet. Please keep in mind you will need to leave an amount of ETH for the gas tax when swapping.

Connect Your Wallet

Babysaitama Coin Connect your ETH wallet to Uniswap directly on their website. Click to allow Uniswap to import the $BABY SAITAMA contract when prompted. Alternatively you can import it manually (copy address). When connecting your wallet choose the correct protocol used by your wallet – i.e. Wallet Connect for Trust Wallet, or MetaMask for Meta Mask, and confirm the connection in your wallet app.

Adjust Uniswap Settings

On Uniswap, when prompted with a ‘No Liquidity’ message, click on “Trade Using V2”. Click on the cogwheel icon on the upper right corner and set the Slippage tolerance between 5-10%. This is important to keep your transaction from being overrun by other orders.


Enter the amount you want to buy leaving some for the Ethereum network gas tax. Click to swap and approve the transaction on your wallet app. After a few minutes your $BABY SAITAMA balance should be showing in your wallet. If not, go to “Add Token” and paste our contract address (copy address).


Babysaitama holders of Baby Saitama believe that giving back and supporting charities and organizations with noble causes is an important aspect of the project. The community will support established and reputable organizations that help us achieve this goal. Project volunteers research potential organizations for charitable donations and then they present options to the community for voting.