What Is Baby o Baby(BOB)? Complete Guide Review About Baby o Baby.

Baby o Baby

What Is Baby o Baby(BOB)?

The purpose of this Baby o Baby is to educate readers, investors, and traders on the Baby-O-Baby purpose, timeline, roadmap, vision, and execution aesthetics. Below they will be describing precise details about BOB token, project, and ecosystem. A company will also demonstrate what strategy are following to reward BOB holders both on a long-term and short-term basis. Giving them the money worth of the tokens they buy as well regular passive income just for holding the BOB token in their wallet.

Baby o Baby is a unique reward token which rewards holders with baby tokens straight into their wallets without any need for a claim while the token is unique itself ecosystem is no less you can buy unique collectible and tiered NFT to earn direct reward play Baby-OBaby games and earn baby token in reward. Baby-O-Baby simplifies blockchain for everyone by simply buying the token and holding it in their wallet they can keep on earning easy passive income without needing to know any complex yield farming or staking phenomenon.

Baby o Baby Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBaby o Baby
Short NameBOB
Circulating Supply7.00B BOB
Total Supply10,000,000,000
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What is Baby-O-Baby?

Baby o Baby is the brand of your native token $BOB, a new generation auto-yield, auto distribute dividend contract powered by the Binance Smart Chain. Holders don’t need to claim the rewards, it will be distributed to their respective wallets automatically they will be receiving rewards/dividends as $BABY(Native token of BabySwap).

The token contract has a dynamic auto distributing reward system:

  • 5% $BABY is redistributed to holders
  • 3% is used to power up the liquidity pool as AMM on BabySwap
  • 3% is allocated to a buy-back/marketing wallet

What is slippage to buy and sell?

Baby o Baby is a tax that is applicable on buy, sell, and transfer from one wallet to the other wallet. BOB is having a buy tax of 11% while the selling tax is 12%( 1% extra for sellers) this is to keep rewarding the loyal holders with BABY tokens. The amount of $BOB tokens you need to hold is not subjected to any change. The traditional RFI contract takes a piece of the tax that each transaction consumes and redirects it to all the holders but in this, they are actually encouraging holders to sell. BOB brings solutions to this problem through coins innovative contract. Baby-O-Baby will redistribute some of this tax as $BABY to your community, Which is an exceptionally smart step as even if the community ends up dumping the reward token they are not harming the project at all.

How they are related $BOB x $BABY?

Baby o Baby unique contract contains an auto-claim function for dividends collected proportionally to your holdings. This means that you do not have to do anything to receive redistribution just HODL $BOB tokens and get $BABY redistribution straight into your wallet every hour. The distribution is directly proportional to the trade volume. The amount of $BOB tokens you need to hold is not subjected to any change. (You must hold a minimum of 500,000 $BOB to be eligible for the $BABY redistribution rewards). The minimum requirement is kept to reward long-term holders and investors. This action encourages immense buy pressure while extra sell tax keeps the sellers at the bay.

Binance Smart Chain

Token holders, amounts, transactions, and more can be seen on the Binance Smart Chain itself. $BOB is a native BSC ( Bep20) token and is powered by the Binance ecosystem. Baby o Baby The $BOB token dividend is based on a system that is proportionally split between token holders and the more they hold the more distribution of BABY token they will get. This system is fully automated and designed to work with the best possible time and cost optimization.

The number of holders processed through each transaction is completely dynamic and is calculated on the basis of gas cost vs value of distribution to keep the process cost-friendly. Holders will receive dividends from the queue based on their position in the array of divided contracts. It’s a fair system that is fully automated. The minimum token balance is 500,000 $BOB tokens to receive BABY distributions.