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What Is BaaSid (BAAS)? Complete Guide Review About BaaSid.

What Is BaaSid (BAAS)?

BaaSid‘ is next generation security technology for “Data security & security authentication” based on De-centralized & Blockchain. A technology is split the all the kind of data and store to each different nodes(Decentralized storage) only pieces of original data. It’s an innovative security technology, and can be reduce the Hacker’s performance and profit, because the rate of return is significantly lower. BaaSid’s technology highly scalable, including all IT-based data storage, iOT, Authentication for ID & finance & payment, and Fintech.

After BaaSid token sale, the USA’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) established guidelines which, applied retroactively, raised many questions with regards to the future of UKG. A priority was in growing and innovating the platform while trying to find common ground with the SEC that would allow to promote the merits of UKG. Short of that, Unikrn other option was to reach settlement on past and discontinue it moving forward so that company energies could be effectively directed.

BaaSid Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBaaSid
Short NameBAAS
Circulating Supply5.20B BAAS
Total Supply10,000,000,000
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Mission Statement

BaaSid will achieve the most important positioning of security in the changing IT market. In BaaSid, they strive to simplify Data Storage Security Management through BlockChain without intensive intervention of Data Security tools. Creating a safe and secured environment on how Data is managed and stored to meet Global Compliance.

They spent months working with the SEC to come to a solution that was about moving the business forward. The common ground a company found requires to completely stop supporting UKG and help provide a fund for purchasers of Gold. This gives clearance to focus on continuing to build industry-leading business.

Create a paradigm for data security

Presenting a new paradigm for original data for authentication, all kinds of files and data. Safe and convenient to keep your own website, App username and password information, and allow users to access this information at any time. By failing to challenge ourselves to experiment with new approaches to regulation, BaaSid and those whose interests they are pledged to serve, risk surrendering the fruits of innovation. I respectfully dissent from the Commission’s actions today relating.” Although this agreement also means will need to discontinue support for Gold, it won’t stop from innovating on payments and on the blockchain.

Technology & Business Area

BaaSid technology strives to be used in a variety of solutions and business areas. Safe and convenient passwords keep all kinds of documents, certificates, etc. that you own, and allow users to access this information at any time. Securely and conveniently keep all kinds of credit card information. Provide secure settlement. They will continue to offer regulator-approved wagering and other services with major currencies including Fiat Currencies, Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, GUSD, USDC, PAX, BUSD, Ripple and others.

Going forward, they will also consider other options internationally based on community feedback. As set forth in the settlement documents, the SEC will be establishing and operating a Fair Fund for token holders who would like a refund. The SEC will oversee this process, and they will provide further information regarding making a claim. 

Chart & Private information

Safely store hospital records and sensitive personal information and allow users to access this information at any time. This includes creating a gaming platform with unprecedented breadth which was recognized by leading wagering industry awards for book of the Year 2019 and Innovation of the Year 2020. Despite the growth of the BaaSid platform since 2017, we have been working to establish regulatory clearance in the USA for UKG. They invested in the best legal advice they could find and continue to openly work with regulators. A company hands were tied in terms of what could and couldn’t do without regulator guidance.

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