Ico Review – A Decentralized Automotive Marketplace Ico Review


The Automotive exchange Platform is a decentralized automotive marketplace connecting automotive industry players and consumers through blockchain technology. inc. is an online automotive marketplace company that sells used vehicles and associated services via its primary website

With this project intends to produce blockchain-based technology designed to enhance key elements of its current operations. This technology is called the Automotive eXchange Platform (AXP) and its token is called the Automotive eXchange Token (AXT). This information will all be stored under each vehicles VIN number and secured behind the blockchain. will also speed up the vehicle ownership transfer. the vehicle owner will have the ability to transfer ownership of the vehicle in real time. This will eliminate the risk of unwanted toll bills, red light cameras and even lawsuits. goal is that one day will be the new worldwide standard in vehicle ownership transfers.

Token Basic Information

Token TypeUtility
Token SymbolAXT
Token Price0.00025 ETH
Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Problem has identified several areas of its core business it believes can be enhanced through the use of blockchain technology. Each example (which they refer to as “Use Cases”) will be described in detail later in this White Paper. If launched, both its core business and existing consumer base- currently 250,000+ members strong- will have immediate access to the platform through the use of DASHUB’s website, integrated wallet, and an Application Programming Interface (API). This business and consumer activity will drive the initial value and utility of the Automotive eXchange Token (AXT).


All transactions made within the AXP will be contained in a decentralized distributed ledger. And since the platform would launch with considerable existing business and consumer activity, it is expected that the platform’s performance metrics will substantiate the benefits of the platform and encourage other companies to also adopt and build upon the AXP.

Once functioning, consumers will be able to use/interact with AXP without additional industry adoption, which expect will create consumer demand for AXP’s services and therefore create demand for its token (AXT). This activity will generate momentum that DASHUB and its partners hope to use to scale the platform internally and externally by lobbying the automotive industry at large.

The fleet offers

  • DeFi loans for vehicle purchases
  • A superior online buying and selling experience that rewards consumers for purchasing their next vehicle
  • Digital vehicle profiles that automate title transfers, history reports, valuations, and more

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Token Exchanges

The automotive rebate was created to allow consumers who purchase new and pre-owned vehicles the opportunity to save more money when purchasing from an authorized automotive dealership. There will be 3 tier levels that token holders can qualify for. 

Along with the rebates, the tiers will also have additional benefits such as multiple purchases a year allowed for rebates, a Carnomaly Automotive retail representative to help users shop, and gifting your rebate to a friend or family member.

Team Ico Review - A Decentralized Automotive Marketplace

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