What Is AudioCoin? (ADC) Complete Guide Review About AudioCoin.

What Is AudioCoin? (ADC) Complete Guide Review About AudioCoin.

What Is AudioCoin?

AudioCoin (ADC) was conceived in 2013 as a hybrid Proof-of-Work / Proof-of-Stake coin. POW mining stopped at around block 525,000 and the coin has been POS ever since.  The coin is fully decentralized apart from a small development fund used to help the ongoing infrastructure/upgrades and marketing. Wallets have been upgraded to 3rd incarnation (15/03/18). Source code is on the Github – 1.3 is the current stable version available for all platforms. (ADC) is a cryptocurrency . Users are able to generate ADC through the process of mining. They has a current supply of 980,733,270.76465. The last known price of is 0.00136197 USD and is down -2.98 over the last 24 hours.

AudioCoin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameNuggets
Short NameADC
Circulating Supply980,733,270.76 ADC
Total Supply980,733,271
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AudioCoin Coin Proof-of-work helped to give birth to Nakamoto’s major breakthrough, however the nature of proof-of-work means that the crypto-currency is dependent on energy consumption, thus introducing significant cost overhead in the operation of such networks, which is borne by the users via a combination of inflation and transaction fees.

A solution had to be found that would offset the need for energy consumption in order to have a decentralized crypto-currency. The Peercoin developers moved forward with a proof-of-stake model that was discussed among Bitcoin circles as early as 2011. Roughly speaking, proof-of-stake means a form of proof of ownership of the currency.

Empowering a Digital Music Revolution

The breaks down the barriers of traditional music financing, directly connecting artists and fans through a transparent, distributed ledger. A fair, honest, and equitable exchange of value between music fans and artists.


A Fair Music Ecosystem

AudioCoin  Live since 2013,  stable and transparent ledger ensures that artists, and music fans receive their fair share of crypto revenue from interaction with the coin..

Rewards Economy

Artists are instantly rewarded with ADC when their music is streamed, downloaded, and  purchased from www.aurovine.com. Reward fans and artists with ADC, by liking, rating and sharing music on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter

Plug In

Seamlessly integrate payments into your website or app with the plugin from cryptocurrency checkout Available for WordPress, BigCommerce, Shopify, and other payment processing methods. 

ADC Marketplace

The AudioCoin Coin community of music fans, independent artists, record labels, studios, festivals, and retailers showing an interest in ADC, continues to grow in 2021, as the Audiocoin gains traction and momentum.

Geo-location integration

Configurable geo-location-based crypto rewards. Using geo-location, it is possible to reward fans with ADC for attending concert venues, festival grounds, brand-sponsored events, or any other pre-configured geo-location zone

Fair and Efficient

Transparent, low-fee AudioCoin transactions are made possible with the energy-efficient Proof-of-Stake v3 mechanism.

AudioCoin in the Music Industry

Björk implements ADC payments and rewards for her Utopia album

Through a partnership with One Little Indian records, fans who purchased Björk’s 2017 Utopia album automatically received 100  (ADC) as a reward. Further rewards were offered for liking or sharing the album on social media.  They were used for Bjork’s Utopia album release.


The AudioCoin Coin original and pioneering blockchain music platform is revamped with brand new features, a fresh UI, and a new  rewards ecosystem. Music fans are rewarded with for liking, rating and sharing music on social media. Fans can now stream music on the site using their Audiocoins. Every time an artists’ track is streamed, they`re rewarded with ADC Artists will soon have the opportunity to spend their on studio time, music equipment, education, and much more through the expanding ADC Marketplace. Aurovine factors payments as soon as they are reported, instantly rewarding artists with ADC when their content is streamed, downloaded, or purchased.


Buy and Sell ADC

Available to buy and sell on the following exchange. Txbit will be helping us synchronise with the new upgraded codebase & protocol in October 2021. Those users who do not want to manually update local wallets can (if desired) transfer coins to txbit and the coins will be automatically upgraded. This process is at users risk.