What Is AudioCoin (ADC)? Complete Guide Review About AudioCoin.

What Is AudioCoin (ADC)?

AudioCoin breaks down the barriers of traditional music financing, directly connecting artists and fans through a transparent, distributed ledger. A fair, honest, and equitable exchange of value between music fans and artists. Artists are instantly rewarded with ADC when their music is streamed, downloaded, and  purchased from Reward fans and artists with ADC, by liking, rating and sharing music on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Live since 2013, Adc stable and transparent ledger ensures that artists, and music fans receive their fair share of crypto revenue from interaction with the coin. Seamlessly integrate payments into your website or app with the plugin from cryptocurrency checkout. Available for Word press, Big Commerce, Shopify, and other payment processing methods. 

AudioCoin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameAudioCoin
Short NameADC
Circulating Supply980,733,270.76 ADC
Total Supply980,733,271
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ADC Marketplace

The community of music fans, independent artists, record labels, studios, festivals, and retailers showing an interest in ADC, continues to grow in 2021, as the Adc gains traction and momentum. Using geo-location, it is possible to reward fans with ADC for attending concert venues, festival grounds, brand-sponsored events, or any other pre-configured geo-location zone. Transparent, low-fee Adc transactions are made possible with the energy-efficient Proof-of-Stake v3 mechanism.


Aurovine – the original and pioneering blockchain music platform is revamped with brand new features, a fresh UI, and a new rewards ecosystem. Music fans are rewarded with AudioCoin for liking, rating and sharing music on social media. Fans can now stream music on the site using their. Every time an artists’ track is streamed, they`re rewarded with ADC.

Artists will soon have the opportunity to spend their AudioCoin on studio time, music equipment, education, and much more through your expanding ADC Marketplace. Aurovine factors payments as soon as they are reported, instantly rewarding artists with ADC when their content is streamed, downloaded, or purchased.

ADC Wows SXSW Festival

ADC partnered with SXSW 2018 and blockchain developers to build an app that rewarded both fans and artists at the festival. Powered by Blockpool’s Wingtip technology, the app used geolocation metrics to reward fans fans for appearing in and around SXSW festival venues. The app also let fans instantly reward their favorite artists playing at the festival with ADC.

Exchange Representatives

Exchange Representatives include any member of staff of a cryptocurrency exchange where ADC is listed. Exchange Representatives are permitted to submit their exchange wallets to the voting system. AudioCoin Foundation members are not permitted to submit currency to the wallet of exchange to circumvent the governance policy to obtain a higher vote weight. Any AudioCoin Foundation found doing this is in violation of the bylaws set forth by this document and will be up for expulsion.


The Foundation is putting forth a new format of governance that incentivizes community participation, democratic operation, decentralization of power, and direct development effect upon the AudioCoin cryptocurrency. Members of the community will be able to vote on AudioCoin effecting issues, implement features to AudioCoin, and submit their work to the project to enforce changes that they have voted for.

This new system of governance turns AudioCoin from a centralized project controlled by a few lead individuals, into a coin where the Foundation has little say in the development direction of the coin and only exists to execute the vision of the AudioCoin community.

Line of Succession

The AudioCoin Project’s Line of Succession is executed through chain promotion. If a Core Team Member becomes unavailable, inactive, incapacitated, or deceased, a member of the Understudy Team replaces that individual. As space would now be unoccupied by an Understudy Team
Member, a AudioCoin Partner may be selected to replace them, and a member of the community to replace that Partner.