What Is Astro Farms Finance (LEO)?

What Is Astro Farms Finance (LEO)? Complete Guide Review About Astro Farms Finance.

What Is Astro Farms Finance (LEO)?

Astro Farms Finance have a long term, esoteric vision and aim to achieve it together. They are a community oriented vision with each of your farms. They have a well experienced development team and chose to build your Yield Farm on the next No.1 Platform Polygon. This is an experimental DeFi protocol; they will take each lesson learned from each farm, moreover, the input of our community and apply as continue to build out your solar system. Your DeFi experiments have been working! Bigger staples have started to take notice.

They have been raising the bar and they’re and following your lead!After exploring several yield farming models they decided to use a low emission rate, low supply, expanding farming approach to your solar system. This model has helped and will help explorers earn maximum yields over a long period of space-time. Buyback and burns will help stabilize a price floor for long term explorers. Emission rate (which reduces depending on a number of factors). Deposit fees will be used for new layer improvements, burns, marketing, dev fees and liquidity of future farms.

Every new cycle will feature a new farm for its respective sign. Please check individual mission layers for your new emission rates. Your mission is to create one single space where farmers can become explorers and they will grow, as do. Your vision will provide explorers with a much needed solution to farms being exploited and with a now prevalent and inherent problem: teams splitting up and liquidity being dumped.

Astro Farms Finance Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameAstro Farms Finance
Short NameLEO
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply100
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The $LEO Twist

Astro Farms Finance introduced our community to your first token, LEO and inspired them as teased them with the upcoming Leo mission; your first exploration (farm) on Polygon. They however, had a surprise Loyalty Rewards System in your “actual” Zodiac Roadmap; this has now been updated to reflect your plans. Unbeknownst to your community, your primary objective was to launch your first mission as Cancer. The LEO Token is your community /governance token and has immediate utility for exploration in the Cancer Mission. In addition, the CANCER Token was also launched ahead of the Cancer Exploration Mission.

No Team Tokens OF ANY KIND for any part of the project

No team members will own tokens. There will be no transfer to personal or project wallets before the launch, or after. One of the many risks in farming is, far too often, teams get greedy. Developers feel the pressure in the atmosphere when they see their wallet balance grow. They split up and go their separate ways and either, one of the team members or all, end up dumping their tokens.

When this happens, no matter how aligned the stars are, the project will certainly die. With no one having the ability to do this within AstroFarms™, there can be no soft or hard rug. Astro Farms Finance believe it when we say it, “AstroFarms, where every star has an equal chance to shine”.

$LEO Token

When Astro Farms Finance launched $LEO, your community thought it was going to be a regular farmed token. They were wrong. It was never farmed and emissions never took place. Instead, with a capped 100 max supply, it became your community token and will eventually be used as your governance token; eventually, they’re going to hand Astro Farms over to the DAO.$LEO launched on June 28. 87 Days ago. $LEO is the key component to the Astro Farms Solar System.

In essence, $LEO is the gateway to many perks and benefits within our AstroFam as well, our farms and DeFi Mechanisms. One nice perk: they announce any new token launch, Minutes prior in the Kings chat before sharing with the public. This is exclusive to your VIP community.$LEO grants holders exclusive access to your “$LEO | Kings of the Zodiac” community. Here, they brainstorm, strategize and the big perk, every announcement goes there first. For example, the Kings knew about your blackholes, long before we launched them. Extra time to make their investment strategy.


Astro Farms Finance’ve also included a brand new vault for $LEO on your Libra Mission. For the first time ever, you can stake your native ($LIBRA) and earn $LEO. They feel this provides incredible utility for $LIBRA and your investors. They have bigger plans for $LEO as well. For example, in the near future, they will be adding reflection to your tokens. What this means, is there will be a tax on new tokens that will use to buy back $LEO.

The biggest thing you should consider is, how did a small, brand new farm, manage to keep a token average it’s price at $3500 over the last 8 weeks? Well short of its small supply, of course. To read more about $LEO contracts and documentation and tokenomics you can view this all here.