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What Is Asian Fintech(AFIN) Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About Asian Fintech

What Is Asian Fintech(AFIN) Coin Review ?

Asian Fintech aims to tackle the impact of Bitcoin mining on the environment by utilizing pure renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and hydroelectric energy to mine Bitcoin. Since setting up and owning your mining rig is a tedious and expensive process, we are introducing AFIN staking where participants can simply buy and stake AFIN tokens and in turn will be rewarded with Bitcoin. These BTC rewards will be called “Green BTC” a bitcoin that is mined from clean energy such as solar, wind, and hydro.

Asian Fintech Founded in 2018, AFIN aims to connect cryptocurrency and sustainability together, allowing holders of AFIN Coin to be involved in cryptocurrency without worrying about the damage to the environment. It enables people to enter the world of cryptocurrency that is both sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

Asian Fintech Essentially, it is a cryptocurrency with a conscience. Along with owning Green Bitcoin, additional use cases will include the redemption of electric vehicles, incentivizing EV charging and reducing the carbon footprint through carbon credits. AFIN’s ecosystem will revolve around connecting the usage of AFIN Coin with the environment and sustainable development.

Asian Fintech (AFIN) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameAsian Fintech
Short NameAFIN
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max Supply80,000,000,000
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The Problem

Asian Fintech A growing discussion surrounding the mining of Bitcoin via proof-of-work has sparked questions on the impact of Bitcoin mining on the environment. Even though most Bitcoin mining operations claim to have migrated to using renewable energy, the carbon footprint of mining Bitcoin is still vast and the electrical consumption seems to rise more and more.

In addition, there is a lack of incentive to mine bitcoin using UHQHZDEOH HQHUJ\1R RQH%LWFRLQ FDQEH YHULƓHG DVEHLQJ mined with the use of pure renewable energy, in fact only 30% of Bitcoin miners have concerns about using renewable energy to mine bitcoin. These kinds of problems exist in other environmentally friendly activities such as using EV cars, reducing carbon footprint and many more.

The Solutions

Asian Fintech aims to solve this problem by mining Bitcoin through the use of renewable energy such as wind, solar and hydroelectric energy. Bitcoin mining farms will be situated next to the power grid that utilizes energy from pure renewable energy sources. The Bitcoin generated from this will be called “Green Bitcoin” under the AFIN ecosystem. In order to connect the holders of AFIN Coin to Green Bitcoin, AFIN will provide a staking platform for holders of AFIN Coin to stake their AFIN Coin and receive Green Bitcoin.

It will not be wrapped Bitcoin or an imitation of Bitcoin of any kind, but will be Bitcoin that is on the Bitcoin blockchain. Recipients of the Green Bitcoin will be able to trace and verify the creation of their Green Bitcoin on the Bitcoin blockchain themselves

Staking Platform

Asian Fintech Holders of AFIN can stake AFIN coins for “Green Bitcoin” without having to build their own renewable energy plant such as wind farm, solar panels and also avoiding the headache of setting up mining equipment and maintaining them. The stake program lets you own the purest and the environmentally-friendliest green bitcoin to keep as an investment or to use it as they please.

Redemption Platform

Asian Fintech The holder of AFIN can enjoy the ongoing development in the platform with use cases such as redeem rewards for free EV charge, discount at many environmentally friendly products and services such as solar rooftop and solar panels, discount on sustainable tourism, access to organic farms, get discount on carbon credit, and many more.

Business Model

Asian Fintech the rest of the bitcoin ecosystem operate using renewable energy sources as much as possible. The second one is to make better than neutral, a positive climate index. By mining, investing and sponsoring the use of clean energy to operate the cryptocurrency ecosystem, generate clean electricity to mine cryptocurrency. AFIN is the token that bridges the gap between powerplant and user to be able to take advantage of Green Bitcoin. We also verify Bitcoin which is mining in our network to be pure green bitcoin.