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What Is Ashera (ASH)? Complete Guide Review About Ashera.

What Is Ashera (ASH)?

Ashera a planet with a dry surface with an atmosphere from remnants of war between planets which makes life isolated. Living in the planet which has no rays of sunlight forces living creatures inside to adapt. However, from the side of the planet which is nearly destroyed, a revolution begins. From the beginning of the big burst from the center of the planet until the opening of the of holy primordial grave. Such a catastrophic, until the emerge of an energy that could change the structure of life living from within the planet.

Ashera are a token that has existed before, yes it is Show shoe, the previous derv left and left an important wallet. They also have the mint authority so the previous dev can’t access the wallet. They with the new team decided to rebrand this token, this named it Ashera. Ashera is a hybrid of the Asian leopard cat, a domestic housecat. Personality-wise, it is LOYAL, AFFECTIONATE, and very INTELLIGENT.

Ashera is the most prized pet cat in the world and you can take one home if you can cough up the astronomical price. It begins with 4 races which resides a territory in the planet, Nikon (social) from the west which has its own people forced to battle war, living by killing or be killed which is a practice since the destruction of planet ASH. They grow to be a stubborn race, no mercy and blood thirst.

Ashera Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameAshera
Short NameASH
Circulating Supply3.00B ASH
Total Supply7,000,000,000
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Primorseal, an ancient writing where it describes one of the race with a gift of strength and magic from the loyalty of ancient ancestor.


Ashera, a race which is known with its technological and culture, focus on intelligence and appearance of building civilization. Resides at the south territory of the planet.


Onikos is a race that inhabits the western island of the planet ASH. This race was originally just ordinary citizens living normally in the city a rich civilization and called a business city. But after the war between planets, everything was destroyed, only rubble remained which forced them to build everything from scratch.

Sudden change and loss. make one of EZIAL move to reshape with Violence and Pain. over time, RAS ONIKOS became greedy for territory. one by one small areas were taken and made into troops to fight. Ashera a race which does not resides in any territory, lived by depending on nature.


  • Ashera DEX – They will have your own DEX with chart and make the best dex ever.
  • NFT Marketplace – Buy and sell NFTs with ASHERA will be main currency.
  • Dashboard Wallet – Own dashboard wallet, you can see volume, liquidity, and price of the token there.
  • Ashera Tools – They will provide a lot of tools that will be useful for new solana developer to developing their token.
  • Discord Price Bot – You can see ASHERA price through discord bot command and you don’t need to open market.
  • Swap – They will have your own SWAP with much routes and user friendly UI.

NFT Marketplace

Do you like NFT? yes, too!. they are committed to building an NFT Marketplace that can compete with the tight marketplace in the Solana Ecosystem.

Stacking and Farming

Love to code? Staking and Farming are your first steps to deep into rust, they will be very careful to enter this field. Your commitment to building here remains the same as before.

DAO Governance token

Ashera system will re-detect the DAO role every 12 hours. If the DAO holder sells the token, the system will recheck. Because off-chain discussion is also very necessary in a project, this system will help to make decisions on-chain. They do not stop here, your system will then be integrated with Ashera Tools which functions for token distribution.

Sustainable Development

This service does not stop here, they will build Ashera Tools for token distribution to holders and Air droppers, which will be integrated with this verification system.

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