What Is Asgard Dao (ASGARD)? Complete Guide Review About Asgard Dao.

Asgard Dao

What Is Asgard Dao (ASGARD)?

Asgard Dao USDT or USDC have become an integral part of the Crypto atmosphere. They are used to store non-volatile value, allowing all of maintain the same amount of purchasing power daily. Unfortunately, this isn’t actually how the US Dollar works. Federal Reserve is managing US Dollars minting, but the fiscal policies are causing the depreciation of its currency. Hence, a Dollar today is more valuable than a dollar tomorrow. For instance, if you are adding one volatile asset (i.e., like bitcoin) to your portfolio, you would be taking some systemic risk.

But If you add Asgard into your portfolio, it can be a bridge to hedge high-profile assets (i.e., BTC, BNB, ETH) like USDT. Asgard game-changing difference is that it will break away from having to be pegged by the USD.A question can arise in your mind, “are not all Asgard Dao in the market already doing that?”The answer would be ‘yes, but remember mostly stablecoins are centralized and offer very less or no rewards at all.

Asgard Dao Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameAsgard Dao
Short NameASGARD
Circulating Supply11,420.00 ASGARD
Total Supply11,420,722,516
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What is Asgard Dao works ?

Each Asgard Dao token is backed by 1 USD (like DAI, USDT, USDC, BUSD) in the treasury. Initially, gonna start with USDT as a treasury asset. But after launch, other stablecoins will also be added to balance your treasury i.e. BUSD, USDC etc. Except for protocol, tokens cannot be burned or minted by anyone. Note, the protocol will only burn or mints in response to price. Asgard does not rebase. Instead, a new supply is released in the market via direct sales and burned through direct purchases from market. By using this idea, Asgard will be backed by real assets in the treasury, i.e., USD.

What is Asgard ?

A new, category-defining asset class allowing smart investors to build their wealth by hedging. It is a decentralized treasury-backed currency on BSC that maintains a value of at least 1$ USD. However, Asgard Dao is not pegged to anything and therefore can have a value worth more than 1$ USD providing its holders with a potential for great upside.

Is Asgard Pegged to the dollar?

Each Asgard is backed by 1 USDT, not pegged to it. Because the treasury backs every Asgard with at least 1 USDT, the protocol would buy back and burn Asgard when it trades below 1 USDT. This has the effect of pushing Asgard price back up to 1 USDT. Asgard could always trade above 1 USDT because there is no upper limit imposed by the protocol. You might say that the Asgard floor price or intrinsic value is 1 USDT. Asgard Dao believe that the actual price will always be 1 USDT + premium, but in the end that is up to the market to decide.

Who controls the funds?

As the protocol controls the funds in its treasury, Asgard Dao can only be minted or burned by the protocol. This also guarantees that the protocol can always back 1 Asgard with 1 USDT. You can easily define the risk of your investment because you can be confident that the protocol will indefinitely buy Asgard below 1 USDT with the treasury assets until no one is left to sell.

You can’t trust the FED but you can trust the code. As the protocol accumulates more liquidity, more runway is guaranteed for the stakers. This means the stakers can be confident that the current staking APY can be sustained for a longer term because more funds are available in the treasury.

Community-driven Governance

Asgard Dao started out as a community-driven project, with no VC-backing, no pre-mine, and no ICO. This coins goal is to create a financial infrastructure in which applications and developers can rely on, forever.To get there, they intend to fully achieve decentralization for the Asgard protocol — removing any single point of failure (your team), and creating an indestructible, open protocol that can evolve in entirely new ways.