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What Is Artwork NFT (ANFT)? Complete Guide Review About Artwork NFT.

What Is Artwork NFT (ANFT)?

Artwork NFT plan to create a decentralized project over time with your top community leaders and members a key part of creating a true governance structure, where the project is allowed to grow in an organic and natural way in the long-term with the right mindset and best intentions for the community. $UCD will be directly related to the governance of the project, where holders will be able to burn $UCD to gain a Uni Council token. Owning a Artwork NFT token will allow holders to vote on key matters surrounding the project, where initial proposals will be set forth by the team and Uni DAO members will be able to vote.

The Genesis Unis have different traits – class, clan and weapons. Besides breeding, reflecting them in-game as unique and customization units will help create a stronger & natural connection between Players and the Artwork NFT over time as a Blockchain game. The player fights through multiple missions, travelling across the map to reach the Uni Kingdom, where they must make the final stand.

Artwork NFT Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameArtwork NFT
Short NameANFT
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000
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Project Analysis

Project Uni is a new blockchain game to be released on mobile, which focuses on fast-paced enjoyable game play through the popular Tower Defense game genre, at the same time building on the social experience of collecting Unis to be used in various other game modes to be developed in the future. Project focus on PVE and Land-based game play, where players can earn your native in-game currency / tokens, such as your main P2E currency and even your main Utility token, in more exclusive ways.

The Uni kingdom is fleshed out as the player travels across the map. Artwork NFT games will become a grind after the player is familiar with the game mechanics. To combat this, new seasons will introduce new missions that challenge the player and advance the story while work on other game modes. Players will feel compelled to replay game missions while advancing different difficulty tiers that provide increasing rewards.

Popular mobile TD games

Artwork NFT combines the tried and true mechanics of other popular mobile TD games, such as Kingdom rush with a focus on hero units that are tied to the NFTs that people own. This has an impact on the game play depending on which class of Uni the player chooses to use based on different mission requirements. The player is a military commander who must travel across the map, fighting his way through hordes of zombie unis in different settings in order to reach the Uni kingdom to protect it from the invaders in a final stand.

Game Design and mode

Artwork NFT is an innovative land-based and resource collection game play mode, where collecting Unis becomes a base building and fun social experience. Uni Farm focuses on building your favorite, diverse Uni collection which comprises of your main Unis (Genesis 1 and Future Gen Unis), Artwork NFT and other potential game items to be introduced later on. Land is a simple plot of land that provides resources to be cultivated over time. Different buildings can be built on this plot of land and linked directly with your existing Uni NFTs.

Victory conditions Keys

Artwork NFT among unis, the golden class awards more resources per enemy defeated. More resources allows for faster building of towers. All towers receive a boost. Genetically engineered to excel, they are masters of the art of war. The mere sight of them inspires morale across the battlefield. Splash / Special attack animations All towers receive a boost. Not all zombies want brains. Can summon a group of un dead to act as a mobile choke point. Effective at crowd control. Cannot attack flying enemies. Mage and knight towers receive a boost.

No Regulatory Supervision

Neither the Company or its affiliates are currently regulated or subject to the supervision of any regulatory body in Singapore, in particular, the Company and its affiliates are not registered with MAS in Singapore as any type of regulated financial institution or financial advisor and are not subject to the standards imposed upon such persons under the Artwork NFT, Financial Advisors Act, and other related regulatory instruments prescribed by MAS. Since the Company is not subject to such requirements or standards, it will make decisions on those issues at its own discretion.

Such persons are required to comply with a variety of requirements and standards concerning disclosures, reporting, compliance, and conduct of their operations for purposes or maximizing investor protections. Artwork NFT Company will have regard to best practices for these issues, holders of $UCD tokens will not necessarily enjoy the same extent and degree of investor protections as would be the case should they purchase products or services from regulated entities instead.

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