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What Is Artessere? (TLW) Complete Guide Review About Artessere.

What Is Artessere?

Artessere Coin Launched on 23/03/2020 by a team based in Russia, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein, TILWIKI is a global art and antique art blockchain platform that enables users to sell and buy art online including tokenized art through Artsharing (fractional ownership) to remove restrictive barriers preventing investor access. The solution claims to be the first to provide BigData spanning museums and galleries in 199 countries while also serving as an education and learning hub.

Artessere Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameArtessere Coin
Short NameTLW
Circulating Supply
Total Supply170,480
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The art market

According to The Art Market 2018 report (published by Art Basel & UBS), sales of art objects in 2017 reached $63.7 billion – a 12% increase from 2016 levels. The overwhelming majority of sales are in the three largest markets – USA, China and the UK. The online segment of the art market is undergoing rapid development, and the use of emerging technologies is becoming a serious competitive advantage.

Artessere 95% of the existing auction houses in the world offer the option of purchasing artworks online. Moreover, a survey conducted by Art Basel and UBS in 2017 shows that 56% of online companies predict a positive effect from the introduction of blockchain.

Digitizing sales and easy access to markets

As the Internet becomes the main tool for finding and exchanging information, at least 95% of market players are trading using personal mobile devices. Moreover, of the auction houses that exist in the world


Artessere Coin is the process of transforming financial capital into virtual capital, and its separation from the manufacturing sector of the economy. Here they see a massive increase in the number of art buyers (jumping from 500,000 in the post-war period to 70 million in 2015), a significant drop in their average age, and a geographical expansion of the market into the Asian and Pacific regions, South Africa, India, the Middle East and Latin America.

Investment attractiveness

The risk of market contraction and occasional price adjustment across the art market is not slowing the growth in the number of collectors. This includes a range of unit investment and other trusts, as well as pension funds, which are traditionally very conservative investors.

Art market problem

The Artessere art investment market still remains fairly closed to a wide audience. Buyers of paintings need a single public artwork provenance ledger, as well as transaction records. Buying art objects requires special knowledge, skills and a developed taste to recognize their true value, and after a successful transaction the issues of insurance and storage also need to be resolved.

Product Ecosystem

TILWIKI combines the worlds of modern art and cutting-edge technologies. They provide a full- fledged service, covering all stages of clients’ journey through the world of art – from their first acquaintance with it all the way to investing professionally in masterpieces of painting or sculpture.

Artessere Coin – the world’s first hybrid platform-marketplace in the field of art, which contains both detailed information about artworks, museums and exhibitions, and provides the opportunity to buy and sell artworks with minimal commissions and risks (TILWIKI Marketplace).

Value proposition and advantages

TILWIKI unites everyone wishing to connect with the beautiful world of art. The current art market is fragmented, and therefore people face difficulties to become it’s true and qualified participants. Within the single platform, they open the access to full-fledged education, information, and investment services.

Security Tokens

Artessere planning to register a security-token in Liechtenstein, which includes the option to issue several series of tokens. Though security- tokens will operate under unified framework with specified rules of issuance and circulation, they will differ in the underlying asset. Each series will be used to tokenize a single art object. For example, an owner of Amedeo Modigliani’s Portrait of Paulette Jourdain is going to sell the artwork through the TILWIKI.