What Is Arcblock (ABT)? Complete Guide Review About Arcblock.

What Is Arcblock (ABT)?

What Is Arcblock (ABT)?

Arcblock is your new decentralized developer platform that simplifies the development of DApps, DLT and Blockchains. One click, two clicks, three clicks and done. Blocklets are just like legos and are without a doubt the easiest way to build DApps anywhere. I’ve reduced the time needed to build my dev projects and websites by more than 50%. Whenever I need a new dev tool, I simply install a Blocklet into my environment to extend the functionality they need. Rishi Dhahl, Founder.

Today’s blockchain applications are built for the few tech whizzes who know how to use them, rather than mainstream consumers. Nearly all blockchain applications require users to either run a blockchain node or install a “light node.” The learning curve and effort involved has delayed adoption among the general public.

Arcblock Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameArcblock
Short NameABT
Circulating Supply98,554,305.44 ABT
Total Supply186,000,000
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Decentralized apps are for everyone

In order for decentralization and blockchain to reach their full potential, developers need tools to create these experiences and give users something they can use in the real-world – not just early adopters. Arcblock Block Server gives developers an entirely new way to build DApps that is refreshingly simple. A dev environment that made DApp adoption easy and gives your developers an accesible platform and control of the service delivery of those apps.”Samir Saluja, CEO.

Pick your path to start

Click on learn more to find out more about Arcblock platform, dive right in and launch a node to see how it works, or take the leap and go straight to the code. DApps Workshop is the easiest way to build POCs for decentralized identity and Forge-built DApps and Blockchains. Test authentication, identity, applications and transaction workflows without a single line of code.

For example, while the Ethereum-based game Crypto Kitties is probably the most user-friendly decentralized app ever built, it still requires the user to install the Metamask light wallet browser extension. Users also need to know how to buy ethers securely and use them with Metamask.

Really simple models

Define your variables and requirements and DApps Workshop guides you through the rest to make it easy to test and validate. Low cost, high reward POCs with no coding requirements including diverse trade-related transactions, encryption standards, DSAs and Hashes ready to go. Never worry about expensive testing when you need to make changes to your app. Instantly validate the change before writing a line of code.

The purpose of this document is to provide a high-level technical overview of the Arcblock platform. It assumes that the reader has a basic understanding of cloud computing, decentralized applications, and blockchain technology. A list of resources is provided for those who would like to develop a foundational understanding of blockchain technology.


This document provides a technical overview of Arcblock, a blockchain ecosystem for building and deploying decentralized applications. It describes core elements of the service and provides details about the architectural design of critical components. The information in this document is intended for informational purposes only. This may make improvements or changes to the products, architectural design, or programs described in this document at any time without notice.

Poor Performance

Performance is one of the main challenges facing current blockchain technology. The blockchain that Bitcoin uses is designed to handle seven transactions per second, and Ethereum can only handle a few more. As of December 2017, a simple Crypto Kitties application can slow Ethereum and increase transaction fees dramatically. Today’s consumer applications must be able to handle tens of millions of active users on a daily basis. In addition, some applications will only become meaningful when critical mass is reached.

Arcblock The platform itself must be able to handle a large number of concurrent users. A good user experience demands reliable feedback with only sub second delays. Longer delays frustrate users and make applications built on a blockchain less competitive with existing non-blockchain alternatives. Blockchain technology is still in its infancy. There are many issues preventing developers and businesses from creating widespread, decentralized blockchain applications.