What Is Arcade (ARC)? Complete Guide Review About Arcade.


What Is Arcade (ARC)?

Arcade is the product of a group of developers’ passion for playing games and generating wealth in the cryptocurrency space. The team’s goal for Arcade is to become the leader in the GameFi industry by bringing together gamers and developers around the world, and providing a platform to share each other’s experiences and creations – all while furthering the Arcade
ecosystem. The team firmly believes in Arcade’s potential to help further the gamefi industry by combining profitable tokenomics, video games, reward programs, and DeFi protocols on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network.

This usage-driven token also includes stabilizing tokenomics, and unique deflationary characteristics Soon after launch, the Arcade platform will evolve into a leader in the GameFi sector by creating a platform that contains an array of games of different genres, presenting players the opportunity to monetize their playing time. There are many other exciting goals that the developers hope to achieve through Arcade. Arcade hope you will join and become an integral part of Your journey to further establish the Game-Fi industry.

Arcade Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name Arcade
Short NameARC
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Fair to play

Arcade is guided by the team’s founding principal of Fair to Play gaming. The team firmly believes that gaming should be enjoyable and accessible to everyone, without the need to spend additional funding just to be on equal footing with higher-paying players. In essence, Arcade will always strive to provide a platform where players compete on an equal-level
playing field, giving each participant equal opportunities to participate in the Arcade ecosystem.

Token Features

Aside from it’s ambitions in the Arcade sector, what makes Arcade special is the unique smart-contract code that powers the token. The developers have taken considerable time to include features that protect investors. These include:

Anti-bot : Security features keep the coin safe by checking for bot-like behavior when interacting with the smart-contract.

BUSD for Operational Management : Transaction taxation that is settled in the form of BUSD,
allowing the developers to perform contract operations without negatively impacting the token’s price.


One of the main goals for Arcade is to help further the industry by establishing the biggest crypto-gaming platform that allows users to purchase an array of varied games with the Arcade token. The platform will showcase games from a range of different genres, and help connect both developers and players around the world. The first flagship product will be a game produced by the development team and will be released shortly after launch of the ARC token. The game takes inspiration from the loved, retro games Arcade all played in your youth, with a doge as the protagonist.

Arcade hero will progress through a personal adventure, created by their love for gaming, and encounter fun power-ups and unique monsters. More details about the game will be released as the token launch date draws closer. Players will also be able to buy and sell game-related NFTs on your upcoming NFT Marketplace, which will work hand-in-hand with your crypto-gaming platform in the near future. These NFTs will include different in-game utilization and will help the Arcade ecosystem to thrive, alongside the GameFi industry.


Transactions will include a 10% tax on all buys and sells. Arcade The funds raised in taxes will be turned into BUSD, which will be used to facilitate the operational management of ARC without the need for the developers to sell ARC tokens. This ensures that the ARC price remains unaffected when the contract performs token specific operations.

The BUSD funds collected in the Burn Wallet will be used to purchase ARC every hour and then burned. Arcade This may appear similar to the Buyback Wallet but will occur more frequently and in smaller amounts. While the Buyback Wallet is used to protect from dumps, the Burn Wallet is used to continually drive the price upwards.