What Is Apy? (VISION) Complete Guide Review About Apy.

What Is Apy? (VISION) Complete Guide Review About Apy.

What Is Apy(VISION)?

Apy Coin is an analytics platform that provides clarity for liquidity providers contributing capital on Automated Market Making (AMM) protocols. Innovations in blockchain technology and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) have opened the gates to allow anyone, with any amount of spare capital, to contribute liquidity to markets and earn a fee from doing so.

They are a tool that tracks impermanent losses of a user’s pooled tokens and keeps track of the user’s financial analytics. In addition, they provide historical pool performance and actionable insights for liquidity providers. VISION is the membership token that is used for accessing the PRO edition of the tool. They provide the PRO members with additional analytics. Furthermore, token holders can vote on new features to determine the roadmap of the product.

In the future, when they expand to other DeFi verticals such as decentralized options and derivatives, VISION holders can gain access to those analytics modules. They believe the future is DeFi, and they want to build the best tools and provide the best analytics to this new breed of investors.

Apy Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameApy Coin
Short NameVISION
Circulating Supply
Total Supply5,000,000
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Advanced new features

Apy mission is to help liquidity providers make confident investment decisions and maximize their returns. To continue delivering on this mission, they plan to introduce new features that support the portfolio tracking side and further expand on the research side, providing the users with ways to surface the best APYs across the DeFi space. 

Some of the features planned include:

  • New farming and vault contract analytics and opportunities
  • Improved pool analytics with refined statistics (daily APY/IL, underlying tokens divergence, contract safety)
  • Automation of liquidity providing activities based on user parameters
  • Real-time alerts of user positions
  • Revamped historical portfolio data, and options to bulk export
  • A new way to enter pools without creating taxable events
  • An intelligent feature that gives you the ultimate alpha, putting you before the majority of the crypto market 

Track your liquidity providing performance and impermanent losses across chains and AMMs

Manage your liquidity pools and track impermanent losses for more accurate profit calculation.

Monitor your vault and farming activities, and calculate your net profits

Apy Coin Track your yield farming activities and automatically calculate your farming rewards.

Analyse pools historic APYs and find the best liquidity pools before everyone

Discover the best liquidity pools before anyone else. Compare pool performance by APY, impermanent loss, and collected fees.

Unlock PRO features and access advanced analytics by holding VISION tokens

Become a Pro member and get added functionality like real-time data and advanced pool searches by holding 1 VISION token per $100 tracked. Cancel your membership any time by releasing your tokens back to Uniswap.

Improving user experience

Apy set a high standard for data quality and app availability. Apart from shipping new features, the engineers improve the app’s response time, user experience, and data accuracy. They plan to provide more in-app explanations and provide a more in-depth review of the data and calculations so that each user can confidently use and rely on the data. Every ticket you submit and question you ask helps us make.

Secured and upcoming enterprise deals

One of the goals for 2022 is to build up sustainable revenue streams. A significant chunk of it is partnering with other DeFi projects and protocols to be their data provider.

They happy to share that they started working with Harvest Finance and we’re in the middle of securing another three partners in the coming weeks. Enterprise deals are an essential element of the evolving business model.

How Many VISION tokens Are There in Circulation?

VISION launched the membership token on Nov 15, 2020. The max supply of the token is 5,000,000 and 15% of the tokens are reserved for the foundation, while 4% of the token supply is earmarked for marketing and promotions, while 1% of the tokens is reserved for giving back to the ecosystem.

The VISION token mission

DeFi Apy Coin here to stay and they want to play the part. The mission is to help all liquidity providers across the DeFi space make confident investment decisions and successfully maximise their returns. To do so, they modeled the product membership on a key concept: the VISION token.

Token distribution

The VISION token launched on Nov 15, 2020 with max supply of token is 5,000,000. The supply has been distributed as follows:

  • 5.5% (to the initial founding team, subject to a 36 month vesting period with 1/36 of the amount vests each month).
  • 9.5% going to a fund for contributors (subject to vesting).
  • 4% marketing / promotions / giveaways.
  • 1% public goods projects.
  • 80% on the market.