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Aprilsoft Web Hosting Review: Performance with fast and flexible hosting packages.

About Aprilsoft

All Aprilsoft servers are behind AntiSpam Gateway. In this way, your messages do not fall into the spam folder and are forwarded directly to the inbox. Your web hosting servers are backed up to different servers on a weekly basis. This backup is for problems that may arise from your side. The customer must take his own backup. They can transfer your web hosting service to someone else instantly. All you have to do is drop a call with a support request. You can be sure that there will be no data loss in your hosting service after the transfer process.

Hosting is also responsible for keeping the hosted server and other services UP(open) from the date of order until the end of the ordered term. In case of violation of the following rules, this responsibility will be removed and the service in question will be closed. In order to activate all the services that Soft will provide, service fees must be paid in advance. In addition, if the payment dates of your current customers coincide with weekends or holidays, service payments must be paid on the working days before or after the weekend or holiday.

Some Quick Facts Aprilsoft Web Hosting

AprilsoftBasic Details
Hosting NameAprilsoft
Call Support0 (530) 050 77 51
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Aprilsoft customer tracking system is fully automatic and automatically stops the services that have passed 1 hour from the payment date and are still not paid. If the payment is not made within 3 days after the service is stopped, all the information of the user is put on hold as cold, and then the web current transactions are suspended from your database. It is automatically activated at the next service purchase. Soft Hosting Services cannot be held responsible in any way for data loss in such cases.

In case of payment delay for any service, Soft Hosting Services reserves the right to stop other services belonging to the user and not to restart the services until the necessary payment is made. This right includes the right to stop the use of the domain name and seize the domain name in case of non-payment. For service payments made with PayPal, the total fee is calculated in USD.

System Usage

Customers who receive web hosting and reseller hosting services from soft servers agree to share the same server with other customers. If any customer’s website uses server resources in a way that affects the running speed of other customers’ sites, Soft Hosting Services reserves the right to temporarily or permanently stop the publication of this website. In such a case, Soft Hosting Services may request the customer to move the website to another server. In such cases, Soft Hosting Services reserves the right to decide whether or not to issue a refund. The customer is deemed to have accepted any decision to be taken in advance.


Soft cannot be held responsible for any material or moral damages that may arise from misuse of customer data, data content, all data used by e-mail within the service it provides. The responsibility for backing up and storing this data belongs to the customer. SOFT will regularly backup and maintain all customer data. Despite this, SOFT is not responsible for any errors, damages and losses that may occur due to interruption or data loss that may occur in SOFT services. Backup of data is the responsibility of the customer, unless otherwise stated in the contract text.

Illegal Use

Aprilsoft services may not be used for any illegal purpose, nor may it support such activities. Soft Hosting Services has the authority to investigate and detect criminal illegal situations or suspected misuse. The responsibility of all kinds of harmful objects, materials and files published using Soft services belongs to the customer. Soft Hosting Services has the authority to intervene in these cases and close the account in question. All kinds of actions to add/delete and correct any material intended to mislead or deceive people are considered fraudulent and prohibited. It is strictly forbidden to make transactions using the names of individuals and companies, and to commit fraud in this way.

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