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What Is APEX Protocol (APXP)? Complete Guide Review About APEX Protocol.

What Is APEX Protocol (APXP)?

APEX Protocol routinely seek out, assess, and discuss beneficial partnerships with talented individuals, popular influencers, supporting platforms, and strong projects that may enhance your ecosystem and attract more investors. To date, they have struck several very strong and highly promising partnerships to grow the $FMAN community – and plan to make more friends along the way.. I Want to Partner with Florida Man Token. How Do I Get in Touch? they love to hear from you.

If you believe you, your team, or your project/platform could be a beneficial relationship for both parties, please contact us at After initial contact via e-mail, your core team members are willing to discuss partnership opportunities via phone, text, Telegram, or Discord pending an initial review.

APEX Protocol Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameAPEX Protocol
Short NameAPXP
Circulating Supply20,000,000.00 APXP
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
ExplorersClick Here To View Explorers
Twitter PageClick Here To Visit Twitter Group
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Token Be Available on a Centralized Exchange

APEX Protocol everything do, they have the final goal of listing on a CEX in mind. For now, they will work on meeting the requirements to be listed – and generating the funds needed for liquidity, deposits, and the like. They plan to list on a CEX after developing a more finished, refined product, a larger investor base, and a reputable amount volume. Upon reaching this stage, they will seek listings through top tier exchanges only.

Will Token Become Available on Other Blockchains?

They are currently available on the Binance Smart Chain and will soon become available on the Cronos blockchain; the CRO decentralized network developed by Following that, will become available on the Ethereum blockchain as well.

Will APEX Protocol Token Do Anything to Help the Real World?

In fact, we began the Florida Man Token project with three major goals in mind: • Reform the decentralized space on the Binance Smart Chain by operating like any other real business would, deliver a fully trustworthy, long-term investment opportunity, and display legitimacy against the all-too-frequently seen scams, hacks, and lies.

Reward your investors with a huge passive income opportunity unlike anything else currently on the market to retain long-term investments and showcase the power of a supportive community. APEX Protocol Create a hilarious meme-based project, but recognize the underlying problems and issues that cause these Florida Man stories to exist in the first place.

Substance abuse and Mental Health issues are a massive problem in the United States (and Florida in particular) – and this aim to do your part and contribute to worthy causes to battle this. They will be live streaming your donations to charitable organizations across the State of Florida on your channel, and showing that are a business who gives back.

What is a ‘MintDrop’ Card?

Mint Drop cards are limited-release higher-level character cards that are available to purchase directly on the site. They are more expensive than Mystery Packs because the rewards for holding these higher-level cards are much more substantial.

Can I Buy, Sell Token NFTs?

Because APEX Protocol are using a newer, more robust NFT called ‘ERC-1155’, they are not yet available as a verified NFT contract on external exchanges. They have been told by almost all of them, though, that they will be integrating ERC-1155 NFTs into their sites very soon. They have however, partnered with ‘MemeNFT’, a soon-to-launch NFT marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain and will be listed there in full capacity when it is live.

Additionally, there are two other popular marketplaces that have already arranged to be listed on when they allow for ERC-1155 NFTs. In the meantime, they are building your own internal marketplace into the site that will allow you to buy, transfer, stake – and now sell & trade your cards – all in one simple place.

Selling and Trading your NFTs on your site will be available very soon. NFTs are currently traded via the honor system within your trusted community. Many investors have been with from an early stage and know each other as family by now, but for newcomers, your core team members are always available to mediate NFT trades to ensure safety and security

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