What Is ApeBUSD (APEBUSD)? Complete Guide Review About ApeBUSD.


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ApeBUSD Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameApeBUSD
Circulating Supply600.00B APEBUSD
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000
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Industry Leading Tokenomics

The combination of a standard Sell Tax along with an additional Penalty Tax is unique to ApeBUSD and a first for cryptocurrency. This Penalty Tax prevents “Pump & Dump” trading by impacting only wallets which have held their tokens for less than 14 days while allowing genuine holders to take profits. The Penalty Tax is added to the Sell Tax for a wallet selling tokens which have not been held for a minimum of 14 days and reduces 1% each day.

Your Stoppable Roadmap

The team behind ApeBUSD have collective marketing experience in excess of 70 years and are well positioned to accelerate the awareness and desire for this token. They will use a combination of highly targeted, paid media alongside PR and social in addition to partnering with major crypto channels to ensure your success.

They are going to change the world

A portion of all buys and sells will be donated to leading charitable organisations around the world who are charged with protecting your closest animal relatives. They will only work with reputable charities to ensure your contributions make it to the effected animals and do the most good possible to achieve your goals.

Earn Money while Giving Back

ApeBUSD has been established to provide huge rewards to holders in stable BUSD. It does this by using innovative tokenomics to penalise and prevent “Pump & Dump” trading to ensure a smooth and ascending chart. They will provide charities with the much needed funding to continue their already great work in primate conservation. Your addictive game and gallery of user generated NFTs will roll out in Phase 3 adding essential utility and continued growth.

Win A Luxury Gorilla Safari

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