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What is American Shiba (USHIBA) ? Complete Guide Review About American Shiba

What is American Shiba (USHIBA) ?

American Shiba (USHIBA) Shiba $USHIBA Ecosystem is a cryptocurrency ERC-20 token with 9200+ holders and is 100% community owned. They are developing a state-of-the-art and trustful ecosystem. It has been adopted and paired with a team of 30 volunteer members contributing their time, energy, skills, and resources to the development of the American Shiba Ecosystem.

American Shiba (USHIBA) $USHIBA Community participates in charity donations and produces organic marketing. Holders of American Shiba $USHIBA will be rewarded in a multitude of ways by participating in the American Shiba Ecosystem.

American Shiba (USHIBA) manifested as the result of like-minded individuals believing that, together, can impact local and global communities through economic development, transformation, and charitable giving. USHIBA is 100% community-owned and was built strictly upon the Ethereum block chain. Everyone who holds USHIBA is part of a growing community and emerging ecosystem wherein the members believe in decentralization and charity causes

American Shiba (USHIBA) All long term holders have a voice in deciding the directions and missions of the community. The community considers it a responsibility and an honor to be able to make the world a better place in every way possible. As holders of the USHIBA token, and all other tokens within the American Shiba Ecosystem, you’re part of a community that is at the center of the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) movement

American Shiba (USHIBA) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name American Shiba
Short Name USHIBA
Circulating Supply53,863,570.95B USHIBA
Total Supply57,509,965,642,153,570
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1. Create a MetaMask Wallet: USHIBA is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. MetaMask is the most popular wallet for ERC-20 tokens. Visit to download the browser extension and set up a wallet. If you prefer a mobile app, get the Iphone or Android version.

2. Send ETH to Metamask: You need to have ETH on your wallet. Buy ETH directly on MetaMask, or transfer it to your MetaMask wallet, e.g. from Coinbase, Kucoin, or Binance.

3. Buy USHIBA: Click the BUY button on this page (at the top) to buy USHIBA. This will open the Uniswap interface. You might need to import USHIBA before being able to swap ETH for USHIBA. Please remember to verify the contract address.

4. HOLD: Since you are now part of the American Shiba community, invite you to share your thoughts and ideas within social media channels while watching your investments shoot for the Moon and Beyond!


American Shiba (USHIBA) will be the Signature Alternative Token and ecosystem of choice for commerce, investment, charitable giving, and monetary exchange. USHIBA is the American Shiba flagship token around which all future projects are developed through effective and virtuous cycles of mutual benefit to establish and support the American Shiba Ecosystem.

American Shiba (USHIBA) Shiba will be the cornerstone for creative innovation in the disruptive cryptocurrency space and in traditional markets by becoming the vehicle for positive change and stability in an uncertain and dynamic world.

Focus And Challenges

American Shiba (USHIBA) Team focus and challenge is to continually develop, provide and fortify a community cryptocurrency ecosystem that is multifunctional, and capable of scaling to meet the needs of the masses.

American Shiba (USHIBA) Cryptocurrency (Crypto) is highly volatile. Alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins) and more specifically tokens categorized as meme tokens are often subject to higher volatility. The First Challenge is building a solid and sound token framework that represents strength and stability

American Shiba (USHIBA) Cryptocurrency is disruptive. With each passing day, more and more companies and asset management firms are indulging and investing into new ways in which Crypto has the potential to advance traditional applications, protocols, and network systems, transforming them for the digital age.

American Shiba (USHIBA) Additionally, Crypto is quickly becoming mainstream and could very soon be the go-to asset for public and private trade. The Second Challenge to USHIBA is being innovatively creative and relevant while also being used locally and globally in a disruptive and quickly adaptive marketplace.


American Shiba (USHIBA) true strength of the American Shiba Ecosystem’s USHIBA token strategy and utility is its passive income method. A fully audited smart contract by ensures that tokenomics powering the 2% of all transaction fees are distributed equitably to all USHIBA holders. Since the distribution is based on the amount of USHIBA coins users hold, a higher amount of holdings directly translates into higher income.