What Is Aluna? (ALN) Complete Guide Review About Aluna.

What Is Aluna? (ALN) Complete Guide Review About Aluna.

What Is Aluna ?

Aluna launched in March 2017, is a gamified multi-exchange social platform for cryptocurrency traders and investors. The project’s mission is to address issues of transparency and trust present in crypto trading. It aims to create a community of advanced traders who will interact and learn from each other. ALN is the ecosystem’s utility token that provides incentive mechanisms for copy trading and subscription-free models. ALN adds a meaningful way to build the network, reward the community and incentivize users to interact with the platform.

Aluna Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameAluna
Short NameALN
Circulating Supply21,506,668.37 ALN
Total Supply99,793,112
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What Makes Aluna.Social Unique?

Aluna Coin wants to incentivize transparency in the trading community, allowing participants to make informed decisions based on the wealth of sentiment and analytical data available. The Aluna.Social platform combines several core features, including a multi-exchange trading terminal, a social network for traders, copy trading functionality and prediction games.

Aluna allows traders to publicly publish their transactions without revealing how much their wallet is worth. Other participants can then verify the trades and act based on a more profound knowledge of the market. Traders can execute transactions on any preferred exchange by connecting to the respective exchange’s APIs. They can also track the performance of their entire portfolio through a single interface.


Participation Mining

Aluna Part of the ecosystem fund is used to reward platform users and ecosystem participants who create value for the network, such as active users, top-performing traders, and winners of the trading competitions. This includes but is not limited to regular airdrops, trading competition prizes, staking rewards, and liquidity mining campaigns.


Tokens can be spent on the platform, providing immediate benefit to active users through
discounted or free access to premium features. When paying in ALN tokens, users get up to 50%
discount on fees.

Holding Benefits

Aluna Coin by holding at least 1,337 ALN in their Web3 wallets, users can access token-permissioned premium features, and join private chat groups for traders on Telegram and Discord.

Performance Pool

Up to 50% of fees from Aluna.Social will be added to a Performance Pool. This is then shared
among all the profitable leader traders every month.

Rewards Pool

Aluna Up to 50% of ALN fees and 5% of non-ALN fees from ALN-powered platforms and smart
contracts (e.g. for prediction games, defi social trading) will be added to a Rewards Pool. This is
then distributed to ALN stakers and added to the community-owned treasury.


ALN aims to progressively transition from a centrally-governed project to one that is
community-owned and self-governed through the DAO. Management of the protocol will eventually be given to network governance, enabling decentralised control and evolution of the ALN token. Governors in the DAO will be able to propose and vote on usage of the treasury and other protocol improvements

Build The Ultimate Trader Profile.

Your Aluna Coin Social profile is a Trust Pass! Share your profile with your friends to prove your trading reputation, while keeping sensitive information like position and portfolio size private.

Find The Best Traders To Follow And Copy.

Traders’ performance is displayed on the Leaderboard for ultimate bragging rights. Find the best traders to follow and learn from, based on performance, risk, and consistency.

Utility Token

Aluna ALN is the utility token at the heart of the ecosystem. Token holders will experience
benefits across the entire platform and are expected to obtain benefits from future projects,
products, and services, whether or not detailed within this whitepaper.


The vision is to gamify finance and redefine social trading for the Web 3.0 world. Crypto assets are creating new financial instruments and markets, and are revolutionising trading. Aluna is building the tools to support this revolution, combining an intuitive and easy to use trading platform with an online social space built on transparency, gamification and sentiment analysis. Whether you are an experienced trader buying and selling high volumes, or a novice seeking information before taking your next step, Aluna provides you with actionable data that is genuine and trustworthy, while the novel token economy makes trading rewarding and exciting again.