Aludra Network (ALD) ? Complete Guide Review About Aludra Network

Aludra Network (ALD) ? Complete Guide Review About Grace Period Token

What is Aludra Network (ALD) ?

Aludra Network (ALD) is a decentralized network where financial instruments are traded. They provide services and trust in OTC sales for cryptocurrency. And is prioritized to make services that are easy for all users, especially to buy coins or cryptocurrency tokens that are safe in OTC sales. Using Network (ALD) tokens will certainly have its own advantages in OTC transactions.

Aludra Network (ALD) platform uses an OTC sales system with enhanced security features that are maintained, and creates trust between buyers and sellers. They Provide Services and Trust in OTC Sales for Cryptocurrency. They are developing product in the form of an application that you can download via Google Play store

Aludra Network (ALD) An over-the-counter (OTC) market is a decentralized market in which market participants trade stocks, commodities, currencies or other instruments directly between two parties and without a central exchange or broker. Over-the-counter markets do not have physical locations; instead, trading is conducted electronically.

Aludra Network (ALD) Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name Aludra Network
Short Name (ALD)
Circulating Supply
Max Supply10,000
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Advantages of OTC

• It provides a trading platform for smaller and less liquid companies as they are not qualified for listing on a standard exchange.

• It is a cost-effective method for corporate as there is a lower cost of new issues and lower expenses of servicing the investors.

• Family concerns and closely held companies can go public through OTC

• Dealers can operate both in new issues and secondary market at their option.

• It gives greater freedom of choice to investors to choose stocks by dealers for market making in both primary and secondary markets.

• OTC provides a transparent system of trading with no problem of bad or short deliveries.

How Aludra System Flow Works:

1.Users sign up for ALD apps, fill the email address and password.

2. Users can post the sale of coins / tokens and can buy from the seller of coins / tokens that has been provided.

3.Users who will post sales, they are required to fill in: a. Wallet address ERC20 for receiving ALD / BTC / ETH / USDT.

4. The buyer sends a payment transaction which a pair ALD / BTC / ETH / USDT to wallet Escrow, which has been provided by our apps.

5. After the payment is received to the Escrow wallet, the Seller sends coins / tokens to buyer wallet.

6. Buyer must confirm to escrow immediately after receiving tokens.

7. After the buyer confirms, Escrow will forward payments to the Seller with admin fees deducted.


Reduced Fee -8%

Aludra Network (ALD) Buy using Aludra token pairs (ALD) will get a cost reduction of 8%


There is a public & private chatroom between buyers, sellers, and escrow

Seller’s Reputation

Aludra Network (ALD) There is a seller’s reputation system for rating of trust

24 Hours Support

Got a problem? Just get in touch. their support team is available for you

Account Liquidity

Aludra Network (ALD) How can you know what is your maximum allowed borrowing in EFG token. It depends on how much ECOC have you deposited as collateral. In EFG dApp the user must repay in EFG token the loan. Repay amount is based on calculations depending on the maximum borrowed collateral amount in ratio of 60%. The function calculates your account’s liquidity, which is based on EFG current value of the maximum allowed borrowing amount. But you would never borrow this much at once because your account may instantly be liquidated if the price moves in the wrong direction.