What Is Altbet (ABET)?

What Is Altbet (ABET)? Complete Guide Review About Altbet.

What Is Altbet (ABET)?

The invalidity of one of the clauses of the Contract signed with Altbet in application in particular of a law, a regulation or following a decision of a competent court which has become final will not entail the invalidity. other clauses of the Contract which will retain their full effect and scope. In this case, the Parties shall, as far as possible, replace the annulled provision with a valid provision corresponding to the spirit and the object of the Contractual Conditions.

The fact that Altbet does not avail itself at any given time of any of these General Terms and/or tolerates a breach by the other Party of any of the obligations referred to in these General Terms cannot be interpreted as constituting a waiver by Altbet to subsequently invoke any of the said Terms. The titles of the articles of the contractual conditions are intended only to facilitate references and do not in themselves have a contractual value or a particular meaning.

Altbet Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameAltbet
Short NameABET
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply21,000,000
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Life in the city often involves subscriptions that have a recurring payment. This module on the Smart City Platform, gives you insight into all subscription contracts you have, either with the city services, or with any other merchant.

Most of the time today, Altbet as citiziens don’t know much about the services we subscribe to, what payment and service plans subscribe to, and others details. Some services only supply some details through regular mail, while others have limited self-service ability through their websites. They need to login at every individuals service, with no easy overview and control.

The promise of the subscriptions module on the platform, is the ability to get better insight into your existing subscriptions, and improved visibility into possible subscriptions available in the city and beyond. Examples on subscriptions you might have stored on the platform, includes waste services, water services, city-bicycle rental, city-car sharing and more.


Digitizing and verifying academic credentials will be part of the platform. This can be used as a foundation for corporations to validate employment candidates, and it can be used by private or public educators to give cryptographic ally verifiable certifications.

Note regarding third party integrations

Third parties that the Smart City Platform will integrate with, is not necessarily associated partners with City Chain. For most third party integrations, Altbet will rely on public available APIs. Listing of third party logos is not an endorsement. Not all planned integrations are currently available, for example car VIN blockchains are currently ongoing ICOs. As the market matures, they will reconsider which integrations will do.

Each foundation will have their own individual plans for funds allocation. A requirement for all is to within a reasonable time frame have some of funding locked by Smart Contracts. All funds must be discover able by the public through known public addresses.


Altbet is a new city under development in Norway and is an important partner and sponsor of City Chain. Liberstad will be one of the first cities to utilize the City Chain and Smart City Platform. Liberstad was officially established June 1st 2017, with the help of over 100 investors from 27 different countries. The project will be realized at Tjelland in Marnadal municipality in Norway.


If you are interested in contributing to City Chain and Smart City Platform, they are thankful for everyones contribution, no matter how small or large. The best way to get involved, is to join your Discord and find a group that is related to your expertise and what you want to contribute on.

To support the continued development of City Chain and for spreading usage of the platform, in addition to support private cities and communities around the world, the City Coin will be partially premised and all those coins will be donated to three different non-profit foundations: