What Is Algebra.finance? (ALGB) Complete Guide Review About Algebra.finance.

What Is Algebra.finance? (ALGB) Complete Guide Review About Algebra.finance.

What Is Algebra.finance(ALGB)?

Algebra.finance (ALGB) is a decentralized exchange with adaptive fees, built-in farming and more with support for deflationary tokens. The new DEX is a multi-purpose solution that works with existing DeFi instruments and provides its users the maximum functionality of all similar services on the market. Its main mission is to reinvent DEXs as they know them, by incorporating brand new features into the ecosystem.

On top of the newly improved LPs, Smart Routing, and automated Limit Orders, they are introducing game-changing features such as Built-in Farming, Fees Curve, and Cross-Chain integrations. The Algebra ecosystem opens up limitless possibilities for every participant within the ecosystem: Regular traders, Arbitrageurs, and Liquidity Providers.

The integration with the other projects that we have founded, Rubic and MyWish, allows for a fully complete and complementing ecosystem. This provides everything you need inside one ecosystem. Thanks to Rubic, the platform supports Cross-chain transactions among all the main blockchains: Polygon, BSC, and others coming soon.

Algebra.finance Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameAlgebra.finance Coin
Short NameALGB
Circulating Supply82,500,000.00 ALGB
Total Supply750,000,000
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Who are we?

The team has released several crypto projects since 2017, such as:

Rubic — multichain DeFi Platform for Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, xDai, Tron, Harmony, Fantom, and others.

MyWish — the industry-leading platform for building Smart Contracts across 11 different blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, NEO, TRON, EOS, RSK, Waves, Heco Chain, XDC, Moonriver, and Solana. The team is well-known in the crypto industry, and they have won many grants and partnered with many large crypto companies.

What will Algebra do differently?

Liquidity positions

Set the token price when liquidity is available

Built-in farming

Algebra.finance (ALGB)UniqueNo need to farm LP tokens by using external smart contracts

Fees curve

UniqueTrading fees for pools are adjusted automatically based on trading volume, pool volume and volatility

Smart routing

Coming soonPartition between pools, with consideration to gas fees


Coming soonCross-chain bridge integrations for cross-chain swaps and for providing liquidity (by using Rubic)

Limit orders

Coming soon0x & Rubic integration for Limit Order execution

Product Description

The Algebra.finance (ALGB) Word Problem Tutor teaches students the skills needed to master Algebra Word Problems. Word problems are frequently hard for students to master because you have to learn how to read them, extract the information out of the problem and decide how to set up the problem for solution – and there are usually many ways to do this. This program teaches by examples how to set up algebra word problems and solve them.

Many of the skills presented in this series are used in other Math courses, such as Physics What sets this program apart from other teaching tools is that the concepts are taught entirely through step-by-step example problems of increasing difficulty. It works by introducing each new concept in an easy to understand way and using example problems that are worked out step-by-step and line-by-line to completion.

Algebra.finance student has a problem with coursework or homework, simply find a similar problem fully worked on in the series and review for the steps needed to solve the problem. This program teaches students how to solve word problems that involve coin and money. Students are taught how to read the problem and what keywords to look for to gain clues on how to proceed and solve the problem. Students are then taught, for each problem how to set up the appropriate algebraic equation and solve for the unknown.

Main Characteristics

  • Best Curve Formula — Suitable for both high and low liquidity tokens
  • Discount on platform fees for token holders
  • Earn up to 0.02% from every trade as a token holder
  • DAO implementation for making important decisions
  • Extremely simple UI and friendly UX
  • Web kit for integration to any project’s site / exchange / wallet

Tokenomics – Initial Distribution

The Algebra.finance (ALGB)platform will have the ALGB governance token, which will be used for voting, making proposals, accepting projects for our LaunchPad, bootstrapping, incentivization and platform fee distribution.