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What Is Akil Coin (AKL)? Complete Guide Review About Akil Coin.

What Is Akil Coin (AKL)?

Devices such as the blockchain dog tag or the PAWS spectral photometer ensure that collecting data is easy and error-free. Point-of-care diagnostic devices used by EZ Vet clinicians simplify vet visits and allow vets to spend more time with their patients. Akil Coin more, EZ Vet’s neighborhood-level, micro-clinic model will make it easier to access routine care, especially in areas where veterinary services are scarce.

The technology that Akil Coin will use to bridge the gap between the real world and that of the blockchain is perhaps the most unique and important component of the platform. As with most DLT projects, this gap is at best a source of inefficiency (e.g., as manual, human intervention is required) and at worst a critical failure point (e.g., as a means of entry for “bad” data). Pawtocol has solved this by developing several IoT-enabled devices and by partnering with the EZ Vet clinic network.

Akil Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameAkil Coin
Short NameAKL
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply10,000,000,000,000
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A Novel Revenue Model

Not only is the Akil Coin platform itself unique, but its revenue model is more diversified than many other projects. While most companies draw the majority of their revenue from network usage, (e.g. transaction fees), Pawtocol has three major revenue sources:

  • 50% from sales of Pawtocol hardware, such as the blockchain dog tag or PAWS spectrometer
  • 35% from transaction fees
  • 15% from fees associated with the data marketplace

The Flatlay marketplace supports the global democratization of commerce with technology. The team’s focus is on making e-commerce monetization accessible to anyone by removing the borders & restrictions for global participation using the Akil Coin token. The blockchain-based network enables content creators, brands & publishers to interact securely without restriction versus the legacy marketplace infrastructures & regulations of today.

Payment Options

As the community grows, the popularity of Akil Coin increases. Its utilization as the preferred payment method could potentially lead to CCOIN becoming a go-to affiliate currency globally. This will likely be attributed to its consistent use for referral payouts, collaboration compensation & inter-network transactions avoiding fiat currency rate exchanges. This is an ultimate end-goal with CCOIN likely to see long-term benefits positively affecting the Flatlay community & 3rd parties adopting CCOIN to promote economic efficiencies in a variety of ways.

Namely, decreasing transaction costs while minimizing exchange conversion, streamlining purchases, triggering rewards incentives & enabling group buying discounts facilitated by minimum/order threshold qualifications. By doing so, the Akil Coin protocol minimizes extreme value swings & fluctuations while retaining value in CCOIN.

Mass-merchant adoption

These efficiencies are applicable within Akil Coin & scalable to various e-retailer vendors, marketplaces (i.e. Overstock, Amazon, Shopify, etc.) & content marketing networks. CCOIN plans to support mass-merchant adoption as a preferred token payment method used by consumers & content creators alike for global acceptance. The CCOIN pool will be stabilized with consistent contributions from affiliate sales generated and bounties redeemed on content creator campaigns.

The Akil Coin Token

Akil Coin tokens are used to facilitate trade & exchange on the network by supporting campaign promotions, incentivized interactions & sales across the web frictionlessly. CCOIN functions as a digital currency & rewards mechanism compensating users adding value to the community by performing particular functions. These activities can be sharing or promoting an item to others, launching products in market or broadcasting a live stream that requests contributions of CCOIN for exclusive access to content & product.

Flatpay Secure Payments

Akil Coin Secure Payments is an integrated escrow reserve & service facilitating payment processing in cases needed. Payments are held in a secure & anonymized escrow account until the buyer has confirmed a certain agreed upon event has occurred (i.e. confirmed availability of a particular item within their region, authenticity certification, receipt of item, etc.). As a platform, Flatlay minimizes transaction costs typically associated with marketplaces while providing a scalable way to engage in exponentially higher-value transactions inside a secure & reliable ecosystem.

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