Ico Review: Agora’s Mission of Spreading Secure and transparent Ico Review: Agora’s Mission of Spreading Secure and transparent

According To Official Website is a blockchain-based voting ecosystem allowing anyone anywhere to vote online from a digital device in a fully secure, easy and certain way. Disrupting slow, costly and malleable current electoral procedures, they developed a blockchain solution to succeed where traditional methods have struggled. The end-to-end verifiable voting technology eradicates fraud and corruption by creating a complete, auditable, undisputable, open and transparent record of the election on a custom blockchain. Key Information

Token TypeUtility
Soft Cap1,250,000 USD
Hard Cap20,000,000 USD
Token TypeERC-20
Token SymbolVOTE
Initial Token Price1 VOTE = $0.051
KYCKYC & Whitelist
Participation RestrictionsUS
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The Game Change Team Behind

The Game Change Team Behind RoadMap


Research new types of consensus mechanisms and reliable voting products.

First use cases of permission blockchain. Moving from prototypes to working product.
Improving the permission infrastructure from alpha to beta.

February 2018

Ready to use permission blockchain. Penetration tests succeeded.

First presidential use case in Sierra Leone. A sample of votes is recorded on Agora’s blockchain.

March 2018
April 2018

Business development in South East Asia and North America.
Penetration tests succeeded on the voting system.

Begin VOTE token presale
First paperless votes. 20’000 users on the permission infrastructure.

May 2018 Specification

The Issue


  • Auditors were shown to reach different tallies for the same set of ballots 2 times out of 5.
  • Voting machines currently in use in the US were hacked in 90 minutes.


Paper-related expenses make up 46% of election cost in France.

Slow Difficult Access

  • Final elections results take up to 15 days to be available in Ukraine.
  • Some US voters have to queue for 6 to 7 hours to access polling stations.

Cause of Conflict

Election-related violence was the primary source of concern for a majority of Kenyans in 2017.


To bring voting into the digital age, they developed a technological solution that ensures security, transparency and support for new devices.

Tamper Proof ecosystem central strengths are cryptographic security and a distributed and decentralized network architecture. Our technology protects election data against intervention from any third party that would seek to subvert the election process, including Agora.


Because election data is stored on a publicly accessible ledger, all stakeholders can verify the validity of election results as well as all intermediate steps of the voting process. Each voter is also able to verify that his or her vote has been accurately registered in the total count and that it remained unaltered.

Private ecosystem makes digital voting more secure than any voting machine, failure-prone centralized framework or physical paper trail while keeping ballots strictly anonymous. The choices that each voter makes remain absolutely private through verifiable ballot encryption and anonymization.


Voting from a digital device removes the need to physically travel to a polling station, which benefits minorities who have trouble accessing them. It also offers modern voters a method of participating which fits their everyday life.

Affordable Important cost reductions come from the digitization of paper and manual processes, disappearance of physical polling stations to maintain and secure, as well as automation of auditing mechanisms.

Tension Less

Agora’s voting technology produces 100% accurate and verifiable results. Irrefutable results can create more peaceful societies where elections do not contribute to a climate of tension and violence.

Technology ecosystem is based on several technological innovations: a custom blockchain, a fair consensus mechanism and a unique participatory security infrastructure.


Voting App

Agora’s core business is to provide organizations with large-scale voting needs with a tailored and turnkey voting app. Built on top of our custom blockchain and unique protocol, the solution supports the entire electoral event, from voter identification to results auditing.

Voting Protocol

For vote administrators or service providers who already developed a digital voting infrastructure, migrating to Agora’s ecosystem allows for a quick and easy development to a highly scalable, cryptographically secure and decentralized solution. Agora’s blockchain architecture and protocol are specifically designed for voting purposes, by translating values of democracy and fairness into a fair consensus mechanism and participatory security infrastructure.

Supply Chain Tracking System Some vote administrators wish to bring the security and transparency qualities of blockchain into their electoral process but are not ready to move to a 100% digital system. To answer this specific need Agora is developing a voting supply chain tracking system. It will allow administrators to trace ballot boxes, record on-site staff presence or publicly share election expenses.

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