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What Is Aegis Launchpad (AGSPAD)? Complete Guide Review About Aegis Launchpad.

What Is Aegis Launchpad (AGSPAD)?

Aegis raises the bar by being the first launchpad with innovative cross-chain functionality and insurance, allowing for organic fundraising across multiple blockchains, while safeguarding clients in case of unfavorable outcomes or unforeseen circumstances. Aegis Launchpad CLOUD is comprised of two decentralized SaaS platforms (called VAULT and SENTRY) that are integrated together to form the first complete, “all-in-one”, single vendor solution for enterprise-class cloud storage and security applications.

It combines safe-to-hack cloud storage with blockchain security auditing to provide the first single vendor solution that protects against all 5 major threats to the cloud ( external, internal, viral, surveillance and operational threats). Aegis Launchpad there exists a simple, affordable and effective cloud security and storage solution that fits enterprises, SMB’s and consumers.

Aegis Launchpad takes decentralized file storage down to below the individual file level. It splits each file into 4-5 file pieces with 2 layers of encryption and then stores them separately on 4-5 storage nodes such as IBM, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Box.

Aegis Launchpad Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameAegis Launchpad
Short NameAGSPAD
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply100,000,000
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Multi chain sales

Diversify your fundraising methods with your platform, by attracting investors from several cryptocurrency communities. Aegis Launchpad aim to dissolve the classic single-chain boundary for anyone wishing to target a wider market of potential investors.

Multi chain wallet connections

Swap, stake and claim your rewards effortlessly on your platform, without any fees by utilizing your swap tool, investors can manage their funds across multiple blockchains, without the limitations of traditional decentralized trading. For the first time ever, users can choose which assets to stake as well as the preferred reward currency.

Multi chain farming and swaps

Aegis Launchpad and stake in a revolutionary way on your platform. Use your no fee atomic swap tool to manage your funds in the most decentralized way possible, stake your assets and claim the reward you prefer with your multi chain pools.

$AGSPAD Token Features

$AGSPAD is the native token of the Aegis Launchpad framework and plays a central role in your platform. It allows holders to utilize your launchpad, stake their assets and vote on any upcoming governance proposals.


It provides incentives for viral customer adoption and an open source development community that can grow your platform into a complete cloud ecosystem. API’s and SDK tools will be available for 3rd party developers to build secure apps on top of your decentralized cloud storage and security platform. Aegis Launchpad Customer trials for the CRYPTYK CLOUD SaaS product suite powered by CTK Tokens are scheduled for Q4 2021, with the full US release planned for Q1 2022. 

Proportionate levels of DAO Governance

Holding a specific amount of $AGSPAD will allow you to vote for different decisions the more you hold, the higher your impact will be on your development; the community will decide for fees, projects hosted on the platform, updates, marketing proposals, and many others. It also leverages blockchain technology based on Ethereum and Hyperledger protocols to create a permanent, immutable record of all user events and file activity.

This enables network adminstrators, employees and even customers advanced security features such as auditing, tracking and quarantining of user access and file sharing. Most importantly, this technology suite is evolving via a B-B-C business and technology model into the ideal cloud storage for SMB and consumers.

Centralized storage

This leverages the low cost, fast access and high back-up reliability of global cloud storage providers without the security risks of their centralized storage architecture. Cryptyk SENTRY is a decentralized network security manager that controls all authorization, tracking, monitoring, logging and quarantining functions for file storage, file sharing, network communications and user access.

Aegis Launchpad is a blockchain agnostic platform that can integrate with any private or public blockchain protocol as a “future-proof” design. Blockchain networks can be configured for varying degrees of transparency versus privacy, and offer a permanent, immutable, auditable record of all user activity and file events. SENTRY is generally built on private permission ed blockchain networks using Hyper-ledger technology for your enterprise customers.


What Is Aegis Launchpad (AGSPAD)? Complete Guide Review About Aegis Launchpad.
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