Coin Review: It Is Good Or Bad Review 2021 Coin Review: It Is Good Or Bad Review 2021


Wherein founders envisioned a better solution for the current e-commerce woes such as slow payment, hefty transaction fees, and limited payment options. They present different solutions which will make online shopping and digital payments fun, secure, and easy.

Abbccoin Coin are based mainly in Dubai, UAE, and Minsk, Belarus. Nevertheless, they have established partnerships with different firms and organizations from different parts of the world. These are experts in different industries including fintech, web and mobile development, AI and AR development, and more. are constantly innovating to provide you the latest technology and security upgrades in the crypto and blockchain sphere. They will roll out more exciting projects in the future to ensure that security and shopping features will improve to pave the way for
a better future of payment security.

Abbccoin Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name Abbccoin
Short Name ABBC
Circulating Supply863,050,845.83 ABBC
Max Supply1,500,000,000
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Price is Flexible

The live ABBC Coin price today is $0.170669 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $29,533,063 USD. ABBC Coin is up 5.90% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #172, with a live market cap of $147,296,065 USD. It has a circulating supply of 863,050,846 ABBC coins and a max. supply of 1,500,000,000 ABBC coins.

Who Are the Founders of ABBC Coin (ABBC)? was co-founded by Jason Daniel Paul Philip, the platform’s current CEO, in combination with Hasan Abbas, its current CTO.

Jason Daniel Paul Philip is an experienced full-stack developer, and an expert in both Javascript and C#, as well as an accomplished blockchain developer, who also holds the role of M&A manager at TNC Group — a blockchain service solution provider. On the other hand, Hasan Abbas doesn’t have much of an online presence, and his background is unknown.

Arben Kane is Abbccoin Coin global chief strategy officer and also both founder and CEO of Kontur, a global provider of SaaS-based critical event management solutions. G.W Lee is the CSO of ABBC Coin and Zeeshan Javeed leads the ABBC foundation technological development and solutions.

The entire team of ABBC has 23 members in its blockchain developer team, 15 individuals in its marketing team, four in its blockchain security team and three in its finance team.



Aladdin Wallet is a multi-platform and multi-crypto digital asset wallet that will revolutionize crypto transactions through its built-in chat messaging function, top-level security, and extensive support for cryptocurrencies. ABBC Coin users will benefit from this wallet by offering seamless peer-to-peer crypto transfers.


Buy is a one-stop e-commerce application that will provide customers a convenient, secure, and efficient global marketplace using their cryptocurrency assets. ABBC Coin users can experience a ‘whole new world’ of online shopping with access to more than 50 major retailers and a wide range of cheap yet authentic merchandise.


Bitstorm is a Dubai-based cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to deposit, store, trade, and withdraw cryptocurrencies. ABBC Coin users can take advantage of lesser transaction fees, high throughput performance, and a significant amount of volume within various trading pairs.

What Makes ABBC Coin (ABBC) Unique?

The main mission of ABBC is to facilitate fast, efficient and secure online retail through the utilization of blockchain technology. Small to medium-size marketplaces can greatly benefit from the reduction in the payment processing fees and access to additional global markets offered by ABBC Coin, according to their team.

Although Abbccoin Cryptocurrency started out as a fork of Bitcoin (BTC), it transitioned to the EOSIO blockchain in August 2019. The central benefit of the EOSIO software is that the amount of bandwidth available is independent of the token price, making it suitable for scaling platforms like ABBC Coin.

Moreover, ABBC is focused on achieving full decentralization through community governance. In addition to the current team, holders of the ABBC Coin token have voting power which can be delegated so others can vote on their behalf. Block producers (BP) can vote on ABBC’s governance proposals, helping to shape the development and future of ABBC Coin.

Abbccoin Vision provide a blockchain platform that ensures seamless cryptocurrency transactions for everyone. Also, through the own digital wallet service, users can conduct transactions at their own convenience without having fear of mishandled data, stolen assets, or hacked accounts.

They have partnered with various organizations to push through with various philanthropic initiatives. They have hosted charity events in the UAE, and they are planning to host more in the future. As they improve internally, we will also extend the influence and charity to other developing nations.

Abbccoin Cryptocurrency offer a broad spectrum of online shopping opportunities, for both merchants and customers alike. Merchants can register through own shopping mall to sell their respective products, while customers can enjoy a variety of choices and better payment method using cryptocurrencies.

They have implemented various security features to protect the privacy of the users and their control over their digital assets. Aside from standard security procedures, they have integrated biometrics on the systems to make sure that only the rightful owners will have access to their wallet and no one else.

ABBC Ecosystem Coin Review: It Is Good Or Bad Review 2021

How is the ABBC Coin (ABBC) Network Secured?

ABBC Coin was initially forked from Bitcoin, but later transitioned to the EOSIO blockchain. As a result, it now utilizes the EOSIO DPoS consensus algorithm to secure its network. This algorithm can validate transactions faster and more efficiently than its original proof-of-work (POW) consensus algorithm and also benefits from stake-weighted voting capabilities, enabling community-driven development and growth for ABBC Coin.

With ABBC Coin, any token holder can vote for block producers (BPs) who are tasked with achieving consensus with other BPs, helping to ensure the network remains secure and that only valid transactions are confirmed. By allowing the community to vote to add, change or remove block producers, ABBC gives token holders the opportunity to empower entities they believe will work in the best interests of the network.

Where Can You Buy ABBC Coin (ABBC)? has been publicly trading since 2018 and is now listed on a wide variety of exchange platforms, including BitMax, Bithumb and Hotbit. As it stands, ABBC is only available to trade against Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT) — there are currently no fiat trading pairs available for ABBC Coin.