What Is AAX Token (AAB)?

What Is AAX Token (AAB)? Complete Guide Review About AAX Token.

What Is AAX Token (AAB)?

As the crypto industry strides forward across technology, utility and regulation, the role of
exchanges is vital in driving traction and participation. AAX Token has raised the standards for integrity, security, and performance, delivering a trusted environment for retail and institutional investors alike – establishing a next generation digital assets exchange where crypto meets global finance. Powered by London Stock Exchange Group’s LSEG Technology, AAX offers spot, futures and over-the-counter trading across 50+ crypto-to-crypto pairs, perpetual contracts, and fiat on and off ramps.

Over the coming months we will roll out new financial products that offer unique ways of engaging crypto and crossover markets, and AAX Token native exchange token, AAB, will provide access to these markets, and enable token holders to take part in the growth of the industry. Serving as a bridge between crypto and global finance, AAB is a form of digital umami that brings that hard-to-define, but distinct extra dimension to trading with AAX.

AAX Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameAAX Token
Short NameAAB
Circulating Supply7,500,005.00 AAB
Total Supply25,000,000
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Gearing up for Mass Adoption

It was right after Bitcoin reached its all-time high, with the onset of the ‘crypto winter’, that AAX Token saw an opportunity. They observed that the crypto industry was passing its adolescent phase and heading into maturity. This would manifest itself in greater participation in the markets, not just from retail, but also from institutional investors. The fall of Bitcoin, in 2018, would give rise to a next generation of crypto exchange, and the comeback of crypto would usher in a new age for finance, changing the way value is generated and shared, for everyone. We saw a future where tokenization would give rise to a full spectrum of digital assets, connecting crypto with global markets, allowing for a borderless flow of capital across economies.

From Billions to Trillions

Crypto’s $800 billion dollar market cap at the end of 2017 was an impressive achievement, but it gave only a glimpse of what’s possible. What happens when tokenization allows this industry to tap into the $8 trillion dollar gold market, or the world’s $80 trillion dollar stock
markets? Over the past few years, crypto exchanges have done incredibly important work around market infrastructure and channeling capital into the industry, but now, as they approach the emergence of more crypto markets, crossover markets and alternative forms of engaging global finance, exchanges will need to step up their game. The type of growth they’re looking at as an industry should not be underestimated.

They’re in it for the Long Haul

Launched in November 2019, AAX Token is the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange to be powered by LSEG Technology’s Millennium Exchange the same matching engine that powers London Stock Exchange. It is also the first of its kind to have joined London Stock Exchange Group’s (LSEG) Partner Platform. Catering to retail and institutional investors, operate spot, futures and over-the-counter markets across 50+ crypto spot pairs, derivatives, and fiat-to-crypto on and off ramps.

This year, 2020, we are launching your native exchange token AAB – built to serve as a bridge between crypto and global finance. To further attract capital into the digital asset world, we will roll out a set of unique financial instruments, and expand on tokenized commodities, perpetual contracts, options, indices, altcoins and security tokens.

Trusted Technologies to Drive Adoption

In our technology strategy, settle for nothing but the best. AAX Token developed a proprietary wallet system which uniquely enables investors to trade across spot, futures and over-the-counter markets, drawing from one single balance. AAX Token also adopted well-established, proven technologies, such as LSEG Technology. It is this blending of systems that runs through your entire technology stack. It is what makes AAX the strongest, fastest, and most reliable exchange in the industry to date.

Upgraded to operate 24/7 and facilitate digitals assets trading, this proven technology is capable of handling institutional volumes with ultra-low latency. In your current setup, orders are executed with latencies as low as 90 microseconds and sub-millisecond averages. When the need is there, the matching engine can be reconfigured, enabling AAX Token to perform on equal footing with the world’s top 10 capital markets in terms of speed and sophistication.