What Is 888tron (888)?

What Is 888tron (888)? Complete Guide Review About 888tron.

What Is 888tron (888)?

888tron rewards it’s active users with 888tokens and shares 65% of it’s revenue in USDT on a daily basis. The token distribution, profit sharing reward model and DeFi functionality runs on smart contracts built on the Tron blockchain. This unique token reward model drastically increases user Life Time Value or LTV.

In 888tron case, the money otherwise spent on online promotion & marketing now benefits all token holders. The goal of 888 token is to make sure gamers and crypto investors get daily benefits. They offer 888 token holders an endless form of passive income. 888tron is designed to bring wealth to the community.

888tron Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name888tron
Short Name888
Circulating Supply64,773,691.63 888
Total Supply99,943,970
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Main Features

This is how the project saw the light of day and became the winner in the competition and got a prize for it further development. 888tron project is based on the idea of creating a transparent mechanism for rewarding, motivating and retaining customers on a I-gaming platform. They simply called this great set of features: “Reward Model”. 888tron.com your users liked the reward model for perfect bets so much that already 2 months after the launch in February-March 2019, more than 40% of all Tron blockchain transactions fell on the 888Tron.com project.

How does it Work?

Traditional companies spend huge marketing budgets on attracting & retaining players. This money is spent on ad platforms, sports stars, bloggers and other third parties while the players get nothing. At 888tron, the players always win! Even if the player has lost his wager, he gets back a part of his funds in the form of tokens. Thans to this process of obtaining tokens for wagering, the player automatically becomes a shareholder of the platform.

Even in the event of a loss, the player does not leave disappointed, but remains loyal to your gaming site, because the tokens bring him constant passive income. This means that with time, he can return the losses and come out with a profit in the end. The player is also motivated to share info about the platform to other players and on social media, because this allows him to speed up the return on his investment.

How Much Money Can You Make and How?

The smart contract algorithm is coded so that no more than 100 million tokens can be mined at all times. At this moment, around 29 million tokens have been mined. The token is mined by the players in a 65/35 proportion. So for each token mined by the player, only 0.35 goes back to the team. Team tokens cannot be withdrawn from the smart contract until all tokens are mined.

The mining difficulty increases as more tokens are mined. Currently, in order to mine one 888tron token, the player must place bets totaling 94 USD. The token is credited to the player’s account automatically and in real time.

888TRON Token

888tron token is now available as a Gaming Currency (payment method). This implies that our 150+ gaming providers and affiliate partners will NOW ACCEPT 888tron token as a legit cryptocurrency & payment method. This is a huge recognition from the industry. It shows us that our blockchain based profit sharing reward model with DeFi is the future of I-gaming. 888team is the first to pull off this great feat in a fully professional & licensed environment. A big share of the 350 billion dollar industry is ready for the taking.