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What Is 6Day Honeypot (HONEY)? Complete Guide Review About 6Day Honeypot.

What Is 6Day Honeypot (HONEY)?

However, 6Day Honeypot need to keep safety in mind. It’s a dangerous move to lock the system or distribute power to the community too early. What if there’s a bug, or one whale buys up enough supply for sole decision-making power while tokens are cheap/supply is low? To balance your ideals and goals with reality, they are launching with a Core DAO setup inspired by what multiple projects have done before. The Core DAO will be composed of team members, investors and advisors. The Core DAO exists for no purpose beyond executing the decisions of the community.

All decisions will be made via snapshot, using MVC as voting power. Following a vote, the Core DAO will prepare the necessary contracts/transactions and put it to an internal vote. DAO members have been instructed to only vote “for” if it is in line with the community’s decision. Thus, they are not making decisions, they are merely executing them. This allows to cede decision-making power to the community without putting the protocol at risk. They intend to transition alliteratively from this setup to full on-chain voting and governance.

6Day Honeypot Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name6Day Honeypot
Short NameHONEY
Circulating Supply72,232,520.00 HONEY
Total Supply100,000,000
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
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WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website


6Day Honeypot investment perspective has been built on the premise that the Metaverse projects are a long term play and they would like to make this new model of investment a standard for the industry. Good investments grow your treasury by passively appreciating in value over time + available for farming/staking such as the acquired AXS or ILV. They also plan to enter more carefully picked seed sales and presales such as Affyn.

6Day Honeypot will also be forming partnerships with other project whose goals allign with yours such that both of gain maximum benefits over time. These will include carefully selected P2E projects in their infancy stages and existing Function-as-a-Service and Gaming-as-a-Service projects. Additionally, they will be researching a scholarship program to build a guild for various P2E games that would see a continuous inflow of returns over time.


Ultimately offering your holders a way of participating in their favorite games from their infancy (seed sales) to the final product (Play-to-Earning). They would support these games with sufficient investment wherein they would like to get a break-even within the first few months of capital deployment and post that account for a steady stream of income that would add to the treasury.

To begin with, lets tackle a simple question in terms of what Metaverse Capital is all about. They launched the project on Ethereum almost 2 months back and presented a litepaper, which you can go through on your website. This article is an attempt at detailing out what they’ve been working on since and the vision for the project.

Collect information

6Day Honeypot collect information you provide directly. For example, you share information directly with when you create an account, fill out a form, submit or post content through your Services, purchase a membership, communicate with via third-party platforms, request customer support, or otherwise communicate with. The types of personal information this may collect include your name, display name, username, bio, email address, business information, your content, including your avatar image, photos, posts, responses, and series published by you, and any other information you choose to provide.

In some cases, they may also collect information you provide about others, such as when you purchase a Medium membership as a gift for someone. They will use this information to fulfill your request and will not send communications to your contacts unrelated to your request, unless they separately consent to receive communications from or otherwise engage with.

6Day Honeypot do not collect payment information through your Services. They rely on third parties to process payments in connection with your Services. Any information you provide to facilitate such a payment is subject to the third-party payment processor’s privacy policy, and they encourage you to review this policy before you provide any information to the payment processor.

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