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What Is 0xzx Token (0XZX)? Complete Guide Review About 0xzx Token.

What Is 0xzx Token (0XZX)?

0xzx Token is a vertical news platform tailored for the blockchain industry. 0xzx uses token incentives to accelerate the production of content and ensure the authenticity of news, and participants will receive corresponding returns. 0xzx is an information distribution center for token investors and a platform for exchanges between various “project parties” and “investors”. This number was several million a year ago. The number of token users is increasing exponentially, just like the exponential growth of the currency price.

0xzx Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name0xzx Token
Short Name0XZX
Circulating Supply1.50B 0XZX
Total Supply10,000,000,000
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Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website


0xzx Token present, most of the blockchain news platforms belong to the self-media, and the authenticity and effectiveness of the news released by content creators are not uniform, especially the information gap generated across regions, which is for cryptocurrency investors There may be losses, especially for Chinese investors, many of whom are unable to obtain project announcements and major event news in time and miss out on investment or withdrawal opportunities.

Moreover, most of the current domestic self-media news aggregation platforms in China are obtained by crawling the content of Chat official accounts, which are all second-hand news and lack real time. Therefore, the industry lacks such a platform to break language and geographical barriers and produce news content in a timely manner for investors to save their time and cost. According to incomplete statistics, the total number of global token users currently exceeds 20 million.

Product design

The final product form of 0xzx Token includes mobile APP and PC web version. The difference between 0xzx and traditional Internet products is that it uses AI to crawl the entire network to generate news, fully automatic error correction and compilation, and introduces a native token based on the BSC blockchain-0xzx. They believe that all “User-Generated Content” (UGC) Internet products should be included in the token incentive system, which will also participate in the screening of the authenticity of news.

At present, all UGC platforms have such a paradox users spend time and effort to create content and value for the platform, and ultimately only provide the platform with a commercially profitable model. In a sense, the user has become a part of the product, and the real value creator has not received the corresponding return.

The relationship between the platform and the user is actually the relationship between utilization and utilization. 0xzx Token believe that this state is distorted, unhealthy, and needs to be changed urgently. The inclusion of the token incentive system will fundamentally solve this contradiction. After the inclusion of 0xzx, the platform has a powerful and flexible token policy to motivate users’ positive behaviors.

Reward excellent posts

Promote the matching of “content contribution” and “revenue gain” to achieve incentive compatibility. Users who contribute excellent content will receive 0xzx Token as rewards. These 0xzx will be gradually released from the “incentive pool” according to established rules, and the number of daily releases will be limited, and the release of the reward pool will decrease year by year.

Reward supervision

Since most of the content is automatically captured and compiled by the program, it is inevitable that individual articles lacking authenticity will be produced. If the user reports the error and is confirmed by the community, he will receive a certain amount of 0xzx Token rewards. 0xzx will adjust the selection rules of excellent posts in accordance with the feedback from the operation of the platform, so as to form the rules and models that are most conducive to the development of the platform, so that 0xzx holders will also exist at the same time.

Reward community administrators

A thriving community must be inseparable from the hard work of the administrators. On the 0xzx platform, each topic section corresponds to a management group. A large part of the topic sections divide news categories. Members of the management group are usually long-term readers of this type of news. They are usually already doing a lot of volunteer work for the community. And 0xzx hopes that their efforts will be rewarded accordingly.


What Is 0xzx Token (0XZX)? Complete Guide Review About 0xzx Token.
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