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0frills Web Hosting Review: Let’s get your website online in $1.99!

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About 0frills

0frills offer truly unlimited hosting for the price. You start with 100GB storage and this add additional 1GB every month to your account perpetually. At 0frills, they want to let you simply come and get your website online without confusing you with the 100s of deals, servers and other technical details. They will take care of them for you. Such amendment applies to existing and new Contracts for Services, unless states otherwise formally in writing. The amendments come into effect immediately after made available on 0frills’s website. This aims to promote a high level of responsible behaviour in connection with the use of its Services, as well as, amongst others, the use of the Internet and the use of email.

For this purpose, 0frills has created these Policies. All Customers must comply with the Policies and Customer is required to ensure that its End Users are aware of and comply with the Policies, as though such End User were a Customer. A breach of the Policies by an End User shall be attributable to Customer, and thus shall; also be considered a breach of the Policies by Customer. Upon a breach by Customer or End User, this may suspend the provision of any of the Services, suspend Customer’s right to access or use the Customer Portal or terminate the Contract.

Some Quick Facts 0frills Web Hosting

0frillsBasic Details
Hosting Name0frills
Email Supportsupport0frills@com
Call SupportN/A
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


0frills Price

Intellectual Property

Specific activities that are prohibited include, but are not limited to: (i) terrorism; (ii) threatening harm to persons or property or otherwise harassing behaviour; (iii) compromising the security (or tampering with) system resources or accounts of other Customers or of any other Internet sites or intranet sites without proper authorization; (iv) violating local export control laws for Software or technical information; (v) the use or transmission or distribution of any data or material protected by Intellectual Property Rights without proper authorization; (vi) the manufacture or use or distribution of counterfeit, pirated or illegal software or other product; (vii) providing or offering compensation to End Users based on download volume, unless Customer knows – or has no reason to doubt.

(viii) fraudulently representing products or services; (ix) Spamming, phishing, DoS attacks, DDoS attacks, DRDoS attacks without proper authorization; (x) defamation, zoophilia, child pornography and virtual child pornography, and child erotica; (xi) intentionally accessing a computer system or Infrastructure structure component without authorization or exceeding authorized access levels thereof; (xii) activities that may result in the placement or inclusion on a Blacklist of Customer, Customer’s IP address(es) and/or IP address(es) assigned by 0frills to Customer; (xiii) non-authorized scans and/or penetration testing and (xiv) facilitating, aiding, or encouraging any of the foregoing activities.


Customer may not (i) send electronic messages that in any way is or may be in breach of CASL, CRTC’s UTR or applicable law; (ii) send or propagate Spam and shall not allow its End Users or third parties to send or propagate Spam via Customer’s IP addresses; (iii) send, propagate, or reply to Mail Bombs and shall not allow its End Users or third parties to send or propagate Mail Bombs via Customer’s IP addresses; or (iv) alter the headers of electronic messages to conceal Customer’s address or to prevent receivers from responding to messages. Customer is obliged to offer in each electronic message, an easily accessible functioning unsubscribe mechanism, and Customer shall immediately cease sending electronic messages to a recipient after the recipient has unsubscribed.

Consulting Fees

Customer shall refrain from any activities that may result in the placement of Customer or Customer’s IP address(es) on a Blacklist. 0frills reserves the right to charge Customer the Express Delisting Fees as stipulated on the UCEProtect website for Level 2 Listing of a 0frills’s IP range(s) and/or Level 3 Listing of ASN or three hundred US Dollars ($ 300.–) per hour in consulting Fees for any remedial actions that elects to take in the event that, as a result of Customer’s activities or Customer’s end-user(s), 0frills’s servers or IP address(es) are placed in any third-party filtering software or Blacklist or the 0frills’s IP range(s) and/or ASN are placed on the UCEProtect Blacklist.

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